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Mud Free Playgrounds around Indianapolis

Don’t let rain, snow or mud prevent you from having fun at the park! There are many mud-free playgrounds around Indianapolis that feature clean, rubber surfaces, which will help keep everyone mud-free and having fun!


Tarkington Park & Playground

Address: 45 W 40th St, Indianapolis, IN 46208

This modern and recently overhauled playspace is located in the heart of the city. While it’s equipped with the standard playground fare such as swings and slides, it also offers more innovative features such as synthetic grass and oversized instruments, making this playground fun for children of all ages. The aesthetic will entice visitors, and the well-designed play area will keep them coming back.


Colts Canal PlaySpace

Location:No official address, but if you put 714 N Senate Ave in your GPS you will get pretty close.

Located on the north end of the Downtown Canal Walk off of West Walnut Street, the nearly one-acre playground boasts a swirling roller-coaster-looking climbing tower, ladders galore, slides for kids big and little, swings, a spinner bowl, twister nets and stepping stones. Many of the playground’s features require climbing, so the Colts Canal PlaySpace is especially fun for older, school-aged kids who like to scale and be adventurous. Little climbers will have a blast making their way up the huge structure to the top of the lookout, which is the only way to get to the entrance of the giant, fast-moving metal tunnel slide.

Commons Park

Address: 2202 E. New York Street, Indianapolis

Tucked into a neighborhood, Commons Parks has a playground that is perfect for older kids and younger kids alike. The main centerpiece of the playground is a giant playground structure that is built for all ages. Older kids will love climbing on a big structure that’s similar to a ropes course. Younger kids will enjoy the toddler play structure that features slides, bridges, monkey bars and more. 


Meadowlark Park in Carmel

Address: 450 Meadow Lane, Carmel

Meadowlark Park in Carmel has now reopened to the public, and features a completely reimagined playground experience! The new playground at Meadowlark Park features three big play structures for kids of all ages to enjoy. The structure for big kids includes geometric domes that kids can climb up to and through, and metal slides that send you back to the ground.

Meadlowlark Park Playground


Quaker Park in Westfield

Address: 7501 Dartown Rd., Westfield

Quaker Park got a huge facelift in spring 2017. The playground was updated with lots of equipment that is safe and fun for all ages and abilities. Quaker Park is the only park in Westfield that has a splash pad, so it’s a cool place to hit up when it’s hot outside. The splash pad has several misters pumping water that will get you wet, and lots of space to run around.The ground in the playground area is covered with safety turf, which stays nice and cool even when the sun is beating down on it. It’s also super soft to walk on — and land on if you happen to fall while playing.

Westermeier Commons Playground

Address: 111th Street and College Avenue, Carmel

Spanning 25,000 square feet this playground is a child’s dream come true. Right away children will be intrigued by the science fiction-inspired appearance of West Commons, and parents will be impressed with the safety features such as the rubber safety surfacing, age-appropriate zoned play and the hill, which creates a natural barrier to slow adventurous little ones.

Roy G. Holland Memorial Park

Address: 1 Park Drive, Fishers

In addition to its massive play structures, Roy G. Holland Memorial Park has something everyone to enjoy: Soccer, baseball and softball fields, sand volleyball courts, basketball courts, wooded areas, picnic areas and an active community building perfect for special occasions. Just walk the loop trail to catch the action or to meet up with friends and neighbors out on a beautiful day.

Main Street Park in Whitestown

Address: 4286 South Main Street, Whitestown

Just northwest of Indy is Main Street Park in Whitestown, a park that spreads across 11 acres and includes a modern playground, tennis courts, pickleball courts, basketball courts, corn hole and many other family-friendly features.

playground at Main Street Park in Whitestown

Lawrence W. Inlow Park 

Address: 6310 E Main St, Carmel, IN

The newly remodeled Lawrence W. Inlow Park in Carmel is something out of a child’s wild imagination. The playground’s crowning feature is a “skywalk” that is so massive and tall that it can be seen from the street. The skywalk includes an enclosed, 32-foot long and 16-foot high rope walkway, banked by slides, and numerous rope climbing structures on either side.


Carey Grove Park

Location: 14001 Carey Road in Carmel

The playground at Carey Grove is divided into two sections: one side for young children up to age 5, and the other side for kids ages 5 through 12. In both playgrounds, kids can find a variety of playground features, including slides, swings and lots of opportunities to climb. The entire playground has a rubber surface under foot to help ensure safety. The playground has been modernized and looks very unique. One of the first features you see as you step onto the playground is a giant orb looking merry-go-round!


Finch Creek Park

Location: 6233 Boden Road in Noblesville

There is something for all ages and abilities at Finch Creek Park, the newest Noblesville park with an amazing, all-inclusive playground. Located on the east side of Noblesville, this 200-acre Wayne Township park opened in spring of 2020, and the playground is truly a sight to behold.

West Park

Location: 2700 W. 116th St in Carmel

West Park, one of the largest parks in Carmel, is now partially open for the public to enjoy. The popular park received a complete transformation as part of Carmel Clay Parks & Recreation’s (CCPR) Reimagining Parks initiative. Park updates were made possible by the Clay Township Impact Program.



Sandorf Park

Location: 2020 Dawson Street, Indianapolis, IN 46203

The newly redesigned Sandorf Park will feature swings, a unity spinner, musical sensory plaza, 20-foot fully accessible play structure, and countless opportunities for children to play, stay active, and explore.

Old City Park

Address: 304 S Meridian St, Greenwood, IN 46142

This brand-new playground includes an 18-foot wide promenade next to Pleasant Creek, seamlessly integrating into the creek’s natural landscape; a custom climbing wall and, for younger children, a custom climbing net; extensive open space for non-structured developmental play; a new pedestrian bridge, urban porch swings, bocce ball courts and more.Old City Park


Independence Park

Address: 2100 S. Morgantown Road, Greenwood

Independence Park in Greenwood is a 13.5-acre park that boasts Indiana’s first all-accessible playground area for people with disabilities. This is a great space where everyone can enjoy being outdoors on a playground that’s meant for people of all abilities.

Kephart Park

Address: 3936 West County Road 144, Bargersville 

Families with young children will love the Umbarger Family Playground at Kephart Park! This playground is specifically designed to cater to the needs of different age groups, ensuring that every child has a safe and enjoyable time. Divided into zones for children aged 2 to 5 and 5 to 12, kids can explore, play, and have a blast while parents relax and enjoy the peace of mind knowing their children are having a great time in a secure and engaging environment.

Kephart Park, Umbarger Family Playground




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