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Kephart Park: An Amazing New Playground in Bargersville, IN

After much anticipation, Kephart Park in Bargersville is finally open to the public. This beautiful park and playground spans over 18 acres and boasts of a wide range of activities and amenities. Residents and visitors alike will be drawn to Kephart Park, located at 3936 West County Road 144 in Bargersville on the south side of Indianapolis. Its inviting atmosphere and amenities guarantee it will quickly become a beloved destination.

Kephart Park, Umbarger Family Playground

Umbarger Family Playground

Families with young children will love the Umbarger Family Playground at Kephart Park! This playground is specifically designed to cater to the needs of different age groups, ensuring that every child has a safe and enjoyable time. Divided into zones for children aged 2 to 5 and 5 to 12, kids can explore, play, and have a blast while parents relax and enjoy the peace of mind knowing their children are having a great time in a secure and engaging environment.

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Photo of Umbarger Family Playground, playground at Kephart Park

Equipped with modern playground equipment, children can let their imaginations run wild as they climb, slide, and explore. The playground flooring is constructed with a combination of artificial turf and rubberized playground surfacing, ensuring a safe landing for all little adventurers.

Photo of Umbarger Family Playground, playground at Kephart Park

Rolling hills covered in soft artificial turf create a dynamic and engaging play area for kids to run, jump, and play to their hearts’ content. These hills add an extra dimension of fun to the playground experience.

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The centerpiece of the Umbarger Family Playground is a towering structure featuring several giant tube slides. Children can climb to great heights and experience the thrill of winding down these exhilarating slides. This iconic feature is sure to be a favorite amongst kids of all ages, fostering excitement and unforgettable memories.

Umbarger Family Playground
Photo of Umbarger Family Playground, playground at Kephart Park

Skillman Splash pad

Kids will love spending the day splashing at the Skillman Splash pad in the summer months. This popular water feature provides a refreshing and fun experience for children. They can cool off while engaging in interactive water play, ensuring hours of enjoyment under the sun.

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splash pad at Kephart Park

Duke Homes Pickleball Courts at Kephart Park 

Another exciting feature of Bargersville’s Kephart Park is the Duke Homes Pickleball Courts. With an impressive eight pickleball courts, this is a dream come true for pickleball enthusiasts.  Whether you are a seasoned player or just getting started, the courts offer a fantastic setting to embrace the spirit of this popular sport.

pickleball courts at Kephart Park
Kephart Park

The park also offers two remarkable shelters – the Newport Family Shelter and the Hometown Heroes Shelter. These spacious shelters both have picnic tables and can accommodate up to 40 people. Whether you’re celebrating a birthday party, organizing a family reunion, or planning a community event, these shelters provide the perfect backdrop for a memorable occasion.

Scenic Walking Trails for Nature Lovers

For nature lovers, Kephart Park offers scenic hiking trails leading to downtown Bargersville. These walking trails provide an easy and convenient way to enjoy the park’s natural beauty while taking a leisurely stroll or engaging in some light exercise. Explore the lush greenery and take in the sights and sounds of nature along these well-maintained paths.

In conclusion, Kephart Park is designed to provide a welcoming and vibrant space for the entire community to enjoy. So, gather your loved ones and head over to this Bargersville park for a day filled with outdoor fun and relaxation.

Photo of Umbarger Family Playground, playground at Kephart Park




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