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Finch Creek Park

There is something for all ages and abilities at Finch Creek Park, the newest Noblesville park with an amazing, all-inclusive playground. Located on the east side of Noblesville, this 200-acre Wayne Township park opened in spring of 2020, and the playground is truly a sight to behold.


First, let’s talk about the play structure, which is the first thing you see when you pull up to the park. It towers over the playground, and there are so many fun things to explore within it. Do you have a little parkour fan? Then they will love trying to cross the two obstacle courses that are suspended over the playground. It’s a little thrilling to cross the obstacle courses because if you look down, you can see the ground below! But not to worry: There is a net directly underneath, so it’s all good and fun.

There are tube slides galore: Two tall slides for big kids and one smaller tube slide for younger kids, which you can get to once you make your way from one side of the suspended obstacle course to the next side. Or, you can climb up a ladder to get to the slide, for those kids who just want to get straight to the sliding action.

On the other side of the huge playground is a play tower for toddlers and younger kids, complete with a treehouse play structure, a small net to climb, two slides and a pole to hang off or do flips on. To go along with the treehouse theme, there’s a “wooden” log that babies can crawl through or on top of, as well as two-person baby swings that let caregivers sit facing their children and swing along with them.

Speaking of swings: There are many different types of swings here at Finch Creek Park. Along with your typical swings (there are six!), there are also swings with seats and harnesses, for children who might need a more secure ride. Right next to the swings is a big boat-looking Sway Fun ride, where kids and parents can sit in and sway back and forth. And for those who prefer their rides to go up and down, there is also a teeter-totter with room for four individual riders.

One of the great things about the playground at Finch Creek Park is that the entire play area is covered with a soft, padded AstroTurf surface. This is really great and it just one less thing to think about when your kids are playing and happen to fall (which is what kids seem to do best!).

Off to the side of the playground, in a more quiet area by the picnic tables, there is a musical garden. Here, kids can play with outdoor musical instruments, such as a rainbow xylophone, pipes that make different sounds when you tap them, and bongos.

The playground at Finch Creek Park is so absorbing and fun that it might be difficult to get your kids to stop playing. But when it’s time to take a break and have a snack, there are a dozen or more picnic tables under a shaded gazebo, with a restroom nearby. On the other side of the gazebo is the splash pad, which is open during the warmer weather months.

If you are looking for a great place to play in Hamilton County that is perfect for all ages, then Finch Creek Park will definitely delight your little ones!

Finch Creek Park (website) is located at 16233 Boden Road in Noblesville. It is open daily from 5 a.m. to 11 p.m.



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