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Quaker Park in Westfield

My kids call Westfield’s Quaker Park “the colorful park” because, well … it’s really colorful. When you visit it, you will know what they’re talking about. The ground and playground equipment are awash in electric yellow, firehouse red, and aquamarine blue. Everywhere you look is a primary palette of bright, happy colors, and that’s part of what makes Quaker Park in Westfield such a fun place to play.

Quaker Park got a huge facelift in spring 2017. The playground was updated with lots of equipment that is safe and fun for all ages and abilities. One of the first things that will probably catch your eye as you enter the playground is the large climbing dome made of rope. It looks like a giant spider web, and it’s perfect for all ages — even adults. 

Babies and toddlers have their own play area, with low, easy-to-access steps, two small slides, a rope wall for climbing and exploring, and a little cubby hideout under the slide with fun kid-friendly games and manipulatives. 
One of the more popular items on the playground is the hammock swing that can fit several friends at once. And speaking of swings, Quaker Park has a special face-to-face swing where a child and caregiver can swing together. 

As silly as it sounds, the ground at Quaker Park might be my favorite thing about it. The ground in the playground area is covered with safety turf, which stays nice and cool even when the sun is beating down on it. It’s also super soft to walk on — and land on, if you happen to fall while playing. When my kids fell (and you know they did, because they’re kids), I didn’t have to worry too much about them hurting themselves. The ground is really that soft. It’s so soft and padded, in fact, that I saw many kids lying down on it and relaxing! 


Quaker Park is the only park in Westfield that has a splash pad, so it’s a cool place to hit up when it’s hot outside. The splash pad has several misters pumping water that will get you wet, and lots of space to run around. 

If you visit Quaker Park with kids, you probably won’t go far beyond the playground and the splash pad. But if you do venture out and explore the seven acres of this Westfield park, you’ll see that there is also a walking and biking path that connects to the Monon-Midland Loop trail. This trail will take you all around Westfield, and it also meets up with the Monon Trail, which will take you into Indianapolis. 

More Info:

Quaker Park is located directly behind the public safety building and the Westfield post office off of IN-32 (17501 Dartown Rd., Westfield). It is open from dawn to dusk. For more information, visit visithamiltoncounty.com.

Nicole Sipe is a freelance writer and editor in Indianapolis. A Southern California native, she enjoys exploring Indy with her husband and two sons.




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