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Explore Carmel’s Reimagined Carey Grove Park

Carey Grove Park in Carmel has a fresh, new look, and it reopened to the public Friday, January 8. This Carmel Clay neighborhood park, situated between 146th Street and Smoky Row Road, has many exciting features that are great for all ages and abilities.

New, Modern Playground

The playground at Carey Grove is divided into two sections: one side for young children up to age 5, and the other side for kids ages 5 through 12. In both playgrounds, kids can find a variety of playground features, including slides, swings and lots of opportunities to climb. The entire playground has a rubber surface under foot to help ensure safety. The playground has been modernized and looks very unique. One of the first features you see as you step onto the playground is a giant orb looking merry-go-round!

Musical Instruments

In the middle of the playground, you’ll find large musical instruments set up for kids to enjoy. These instruments include a xylophone, drums and other percussive instruments — one even looks like a tree!

Workout Equipment

Adults wanting to get some exercise in while watching their kids play can workout with Crey Grove Park’s new outdoor exercise equipment. Pedal on one of the two exercise bikes, or get your heart pumping on an elliptical machine. All of the workout equipment faces the playground, so parents and caregivers can keep an eye on their little ones!

Paved Walking Trails

Visitors can take a stroll around Carey Grove Park on the newly paved walking trails that meander around the park. As you walk around the park, you’ll also spot an open area of grass in the middle of the park, which is perfect for starting a pickup game of soccer or just running around and burning off energy!
Carey Grove Park is located at 14001 Carey Road in Carmel.



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