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10 Coolest Playgrounds in the Indianapolis Area

Playgrounds are fun, but these Indianapolis playgrounds take it to a whole other level. If you’re looking for playgrounds with some of the coolest, most modern features — and designed with fun for all ages and abilities — then check out these 10 playgrounds in Indy!

10 of the Coolest Playgrounds in Indianapolis

1. Main Street Park

4286 S. Main Street, Whitestown

Main Street Park opened in 2019 and is located northeast of Indy in Whitestown. The playground features inclusive equipment, futuristic slides and several climbing structures. The playground equipment is spaced out to allow children to run and have lots of room to play, and there are lots of opportunities for climbing, sliding, and parkouring.

Highlights: Futuristic design, large climbing net dome, flat merry-go-round, activity boards


2. Tarkington Park  

45 W. 40th St, Indianapolis

This modern and recently overhauled playspace is located in the heart of the city. While Tarkington Park is equipped with the standard playground fare such as swings and slides, it also offers more innovative features, such as synthetic grass and oversized instruments, making this playground fun for children of all ages. The aesthetic will entice visitors, and the well-designed play area will keep them coming back.

Highlights: Giant climbing orb, chimes, rock climbing wall, splash pad in the summer

Tarkington Park3

3. Colts Canal PlaySpace

Canal Walk, Indianapolis

Located on the north end of the Downtown Canal Walk off of West Walnut Street, the nearly one-acre playground boasts a swirling roller-coaster-looking climbing tower, ladders galore, slides for kids big and little, swings, a spinner bowl, twister nets and stepping stones. Many of the playground’s features require climbing, so the Colts Canal PlaySpace is especially fun for older, school-aged kids who like to scale and be adventurous.

Highlights: Urban playspace along the canal, cushioned flooring, great playground for climbers

Colts Playground

4. Carey Grove Park 

14001 Carey Road, Carmel

Carey Grove Park in Carmel reopened earlier in 2021 with a fresh new look and many exciting features that are great for all ages and abilities. The playground is evenly divided into two zones: one side for young children up to age 5, and the other side for kids ages 5 through 12. The unique playground offers kids lots of climbing, swinging and even spinning opportunities. Adults weren’t left out during the design of this playground and can find workout equipment that faces the playground.  

Highlights: Modernized and unique structures, workout equipment for adults, large musical instruments

Carey Grove Park 2

5. Finch Creek Park 

16233 Boden Road, Noblesville

There is something for all ages and abilities at Finch Creek Park, the newest Noblesville park with an amazing, all-inclusive playground. Located on the east side of Noblesville, this 200-acre Wayne Township park opened in spring of 2020, and the playground is truly a sight to behold. Thrill-seekers will love the two obstacle courses that are suspended over the playground, and huge tube slides. Younger children can explore the smaller treehouse made just for them. 

Highlights: Parkour styled obstacle course, 4 person teeter-totter, toddler treehouse

Finch Creek Park 
Finch Creek Park 


6. Old City Park

304 S Meridian St, Greenwood

Old City Park reopened in 2020 and has been completely re-imagined and redesigned. This brand-new playground includes an 18-foot wide promenade next to Pleasant Creek, seamlessly integrating into the creek’s natural landscape; a custom climbing wall and, for younger children, a custom climbing net; extensive open space for non-structured developmental play; a new pedestrian bridge, urban porch swings, bocce ball courts and more. The 20-foot cube tower is the first of its kind in Indiana, and one of only three in the country.

Highlights: one of a kind 20-foot cube tower, climbing nets, foosball tables

Old City Park

7. Asa Bales Park 

205 W. Hoover Street, Westfield

The playground at Asa Bales Park got a little facelift two years ago, and the new playground was designed with the help of Westfield Middle School students. The playground includes a huge structure with many opportunities for climbing, including net ladders, ring climbers, ropes and parallel bars galore, as well as a boulder climbing structure.  This playground is a climbing lover’s dream playground!

Highlights: Boulder climbing structure, large rope/net climbing structure


8. Sandorf Park 

2020 Dawson Street, Indianapolis

This brand new Indy Park playground opened in 2020 after an impressive makeover resulting in a vibrant and engaging playspace for children and their families. The Sandorf Park playground features swings, a unity spinner, a musical sensory plaza, 20-foot fully accessible play structure, and countless opportunities for children to play, stay active, and explore.

Highlights: Giant tree fort play structure, marry-go-round, Youth Fitness Challenge Course with exercise equipment

Sandorf Park 2
Sandorf Park

9. Westermeier Commons Playground

111th Street and College Avenue, Carmel

Spanning 25,000 square feet, this playground is a child’s dream come true. Right away children will be intrigued by the science fiction-inspired appearance of Westermeier Commons, and parents will be impressed with the safety features such as the rubber safety surfacing, age-appropriate zoned play and the hill, which creates a natural barrier to slow adventurous little ones.

Highlights: Tunnels and coves throughout the playground, two 32-foot tall enclosed towers and the unique climbing walls.

West Commons Playground

10. Brooks School Park 

11780 Brooks School Road, Fishers

The playground at Brooks School Park is the first inclusive playground to be built in the city of Fishers. The playground has play areas that are built for ages 2-5 and 5-12. Playground features include a huge play structure that looks like a big tree. There are five of these “Timber Toppers” on the playground. There are also more than two dozen different activities on the playground structure for kids to explore.  

Highlights: Big tree play structure, sensory play area, lots of shade

Brooks School Park Playground
Brooks School Park Playground



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