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Memorial Park in Lebanon

Located in the heart of Lebanon, Indiana, Memorial Park is a 40-acre park that offers many amenities and has something for everyone. Some of the park’s main features include the historical Herr Cabin, Seashore Waterpark and a War Memorial. But for families with children looking to get out and get active, one of the more exciting features of Memorial Park is the newly renovated, inclusive playground.

Lebanon’s First All-Inclusive Park

The playground at Memorial Park is a great place for children of all abilities to play. There are many activities and playground equipment that can be accessed by wheelchair users and children with limited mobility, including:

  • An inclusive swing set with harnesses
  • An accessible, ground-level merry-go-round with an adult push handle
  • Wheelchair-accessible playground structure with ramps
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Other features of the playground include:

  • A geometric rope climbing structure
  • Slides, including tube slides
  • Swings, including toddler swings and a tire swing

Parents with young children will appreciate that there is a designated playground just for little tykes, with a soft, rubberized ground to cushion falls, and best of all: the playground is completely fenced! This helps contain kids who like to run off, and keeps them within their caretaker’s eyesight.

The playground also has exercise equipment near the playground, including an elliptical and rowing machine. This lets adults and older kids get in some exercise while the younger kids play nearby.

Seashore Waterpark

Seashore Waterpark is located in Memorial Park, and it is open seasonally — typically from Memorial Day through Labor Day. The waterpark has a zero-depth entry, and pools that go to 3 feet deep. 

For the littlest waterpark visitors, there are small water slides, interactive water toys and geysers. The kiddie area also has an oversized bucket that spills out over the entire feature.

Older kids (over 42 inches in height) will find a large enclosed slide that is open to children and adults who want the thrill of the slide without plunging into the pool at the end. There is also an open slide that drops you 3 feet, 6 inches into the pool at the end. Families will also enjoy a lazy river, a water walk and a wave pool.

Lebanon Parks & Recreation

Herr Cabin

The Herr Cabin was built in 1839. It was dedicated to Lebanon Memorial Park in 1967, and now serves as a unique space that can be rented out to the community for parties and get-togethers. The cabin has a full functioning bathroom, refrigerator and two fireplaces. There are also six picnic tables inside the cabin, as well as four tables outside of the cabin, so you can enjoy your time with family or friends while sitting under shade trees.

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Picnic Shelters & Pavilion Bandstand

There are three picnic shelters available to rent at Memorial Park. Each shelter has a variety of seating options, including benches and tables. The shelters also have grills that you can use for cooking.

The Pavilion Bandstand is the perfect space for larger events, such as weddings and corporate gatherings. The pavilion can accommodate up to 200 people and offers a variety of seating options: picnic tables, benches and chairs. The Pavilion Bandstand is also used as a venue for local community concerts and events during the summer months.

Lebanon Parks & Recreation

Pickleball Courts

The newest obsession to hit the court has hit Lebanon, too. Pickleball courts are available at Memorial Park, and pickle participants will find eight courts available for rent by the hour or day. There are also a variety of seating options nearby when you need a break, including benches and picnic tables. 

Basketball, Baseball & Volleyball

The basketball courts at Memorial Park are lighted and have a variety of seating options, including benches and tables. Visitors will also find a baseball field and sand volleyball courts.

Lebanon Parks & Recreation

More Info About Memorial Park

Memorial Park is located at 130 E. Ulen Drive in Lebanon, Indiana. For more information, visit https://in-lebanonparks.civicplus.com/171/Memorial-Park



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