94-Acres of Fun at Holliday Park

The city of Indianapolis offers a plethora of options for families who are looking for something fun and exciting to do together. One of those fantastic options is Holliday Park – a place you will definitely want to put on your radar for a family outing.

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Amazingly, you don’t have to venture far from the city to get there. Located just six miles north of downtown, Holliday Park is one of the oldest parks in Indianapolis featuring: an outstanding playground area, a Nature Center featuring Habitat Hall, over 3.5 miles of trails, access to The White River, the Holliday Park ruins and more.

An entire afternoon could easily be spent at this enormous park that spans over 94-acres.

For our family, a trip to Holliday Park always begins at the playground area. After going there once, you will see why.

There are multiple pieces of playground equipment to run, jump, climb, swing, play on and slide down.

And because the big kids can’t have all the fun – they also have smaller equipment in an enclosed area for the little tikes.

Another must for my family is a trip to the Nature Center featuring Habitat Hall where the kids can play and explore while learning all about nature and (you guessed it) habitats. This is a great place to go when the weather isn’t cooperating outside, too.

Habitat Hall includes very hands-on activities. The kids are encouraged to touch the exhibits and to explore with their different senses.
Holliday Park is located near the White River and in Habitat Hall the kids learn all about the creatures that make the river their home.

The kids can also have fun splashing and playing in the cool water feature.

Another family favorite is climbing up the tree house where there are more fun things to explore.

Our next stop at Holliday Park is usually a walk through the woods and this trip was no different.

Being outdoors together brings everyone in our family so much joy. The hardest part is convincing them they don’t need to bring rocks and leaves and sticks home in their pockets.

As you travel along the trails you will encounter breathtaking views including areas with large concentrations of many varieties of brightly-colored flowers.

And outside of the woods you will find the Holliday Park ruins – a super cool must-see park feature.

A day spent at Holliday Park is a day well spent. There is plenty of fun to be had for people of all ages. Bring a picnic, your hiking shoes, a ball to throw around and a blanket with some books to read just in case you feel like lounging for a few. Make a day of it. Trust me, you won’t regret it.


Holliday Park is located at 6363 Spring Mill Road in Indianapolis

Mark your calendar! Throughout the year, Holliday Park offers guests a variety of events and programs you will want to be sure to check out. Click here for access to the Holliday Park calendar.


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Jennifer enjoys writing about her parenting experience and outings with her children for Indy’s Child as a freelance writer and blogger and keeps a personal blog, www.trulyyoursjen.com, that she has fun writing when time permits

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