My Happy “Un-Mother’s Day”

Today’s wish: that I never lose the sense of humor that keeps days like last Sunday in perspective.

On Monday morning, dozens of co-workers asked, “So, how was your Mother’s Day?” It was more of an Un-Mother’s Day – but I was truly okay with that.

Here’s how my Mother’s Day went, in five photos:

Sleepless girls at a "sleepover"
Sleepless girls at a “sleepover”

I woke up groggy after hosting a double-sleepover. Here’s Daisy and her friend, Maggie, whose mom decided that in this slumber party photo she looked like a sorority sister who’d had too much fun on a Friday night.

The first sound that woke me up was little feet creeping up to the side of my bed. I was thinking maybe Daisy wanted to wish me a happy Mother’s Day. She poked my shoulder.

“Guess what – it’s my BIRTHDAY PARTY day! I’m turning SIX! Woo-hoo!” (What a sweet, thoughtful daughter.) I smiled, and asked her to take Maggie downstairs to enjoy the cereal that I had carefully set out the night before, along with bowls, spoons, and a tiny pitcher of milk in the fridge. I savored another 10 minutes of rest.

Sweet, selfless Daisy then decided to make me a card to celebrate Mother’s Day. I don’t think I need to elaborate on how much I love this.

d card

The invasion of little partygoers started at 3 p.m. I know it’s maybe not IDEAL to host a houseful of booger-pickers on Mother’s Day, but when you have a travel ballplayer in the family it’s almost impossible to find a free day in May. On Mother’s Day, Cal’s coach had given us the gift of a baseball-free day, and I knew it was the only chance to give Daisy May the party she’d been dying for. Mother’s Day was completely, thoroughly, unequivocally upstaged by a little girl who was VERY excited to be turning six.

daisy bday

The little stinkers had a great time. There was a Spongebob cake (simple and homemade, with a Spongebob picture from a party plate stuck on top), bubbles, sidewalk chalk, a piñata, gifts, junk food, tons of candy, and chilled wine for the mamas, which helped give the afternoon chaos a rosy glow.

d pinata

And there was noise. Plenty of that. Somehow, my exhausted 13-year-old son SLEPT THROUGH THE WHOLE THING. I think there had been very little sleep at his “sleepover” with a bunch of guys the previous night

At the end of the day, there was shredded tissue paper everywhere, toys scattered around and lots of cake crumbs to clean up.

And there was this:

d clara flowers


Clara and her friend Josie made me a bouquet, borrowing wilting flowers from the opening night of Clara’s play a few weeks ago.

THIS was all I needed.

My kids were happy. My house was full of fun, laugher, friends and love.

How was my Un-Mother’s Day?





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