Exploring the Giant Indoor Playground at Kid’s Planet

Located in Brownsburg, Indiana, Kid’s Planet is a giant indoor playground that promises a world of entertainment for children.

Giant Indoor Playground at Kid’s Planet

The main playground structure spans four levels high. Its countless twists, turns, and routes form a delightful labyrinth that can keep kids engaged for hours on end. The playground is meant exclusively for youngsters, preventing adults from venturing beyond the ground level to maintain an environment ideally suited for little explorers.

Kid's Planet
Kid’s Planet

Staff are on standby to assist children who might find themselves lost in the maze or needing a leg up to reach a new level. This supervision ensures a safe and comfortable experience for all.

kids planet
kids planet

Parents can join the fun on the ground level or choose between two designated parent zones to watch their kids play. One of these zones is conveniently located within the playground’s enclosure, allowing parents to stay close to the action while having a great view.  The other zone resides in a separate viewing room, ideal for parents wanting a breather.

kids planet

The Toddler Zone

Recognizing that toddlers under 3 might need a separate area their size, Kid’s Planet houses an exclusive zone for the very young. It features a ball pit and numerous soft surfaces for climbing, providing a safe and fun environment for little ones. The toddler zone also boasts several sensory wall items to captivate its youngest visitors.

ball pit
toddler zone
Screenshot 2024-01-04 at 3.06.17 PM
toddler zone

New Super Trampolines

In 2023, Kid’s Planet added more trampolines. But these aren’t ordinary trampolines. They have awesome interactive games that make bouncing even more fun.


Games and Prizes at the Arcade

Last but not least, Kid’s Planet also has an arcade in the lobby. Kids can play tons of video games packed into the arcade and earn tickets. After a day of fun and games, kids can trade these tickets at the redemption desk for a cool prize.


If you’re looking for the perfect place to play and have fun, Kid’s Planet is an amazing choice. With all the adventure and exciting play areas, it creates a world where kids rule and dreams turn into reality. Visit kidsplantfun.com for more info! 

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