Kids Can Reach New Heights at North Mass Boulder

Looking for a place to climb as a family? North Mass Boulder is a new boulder climbing  facility in Indianapolis, and it’s also one of the most unique. This bouldering gym offers opportunities to climb, but it’s also a space to eat, meet up with friends, work out and hang out, all in one family-friend space.

A Place to Climb

North Mass Boulder
North Mass Boulder
North Mass Boulder
North Mass Boulder

Do you have a child who loves to climb on anything and everything? Then they would probably love bouldering, the climbing experience that North Mass Boulder offers. Unlike rock-climbing, bouldering is a form of free climbing where there are no ropes or harnesses used as you climb. Instead, it’s just you, some chalk on your hands to create grip, and special climbing shoes, which you can rent at North Mass Boulder for a small fee. Because there are no ropes and safety harnesses, the climbing wall is shorter, and there are big, cushioned safety mats beneath the wall to cushion your fall. Like all climbing adventures with children, bouldering will require adult supervision. 

Families or individuals can drop in and climb by purchasing a day pass ($18 for adults and $14 for kids). Family and individual memberships are also available. Memberships give you access to the bouldering space, as well as the gym area for adults, and a variety of classes, like yoga, meditation, capoeira, and fitness classes.

Bouldering Classes for Kids at North Mass Boulder

Families can drop in any time and climb on their own. But if you think your kid might benefit from learning the bouldering basics first — or your kid is a rock-star climber and just wants to take it to the next level — North Mass Boulder offers classes for kids ages 5 and older. The classes are divided into age groups: Little Crushers (ages 5-7), Dino-soars (ages 8-9), Send Kids (ages 10-12), Rock Stars (ages 13-14) and Big Crushers (ages 15-18). Classes allow kids to practice climbing, while also work on their confidence, strength and endurance. Kids also learn how to cross-train for climbing via Pilates stretches, strength moves, and balance movements.

North Mass Boulder Birthday Parties

North Mass Boulder also offers birthday parties for kids ages 3-11. Two birthday packages are available, and each allows kids to climb in a fun, for-kids-only play space just for little ones.

Top Out Cafe

North Mass Boulder
Cafe at North Mass Boulder
North Mass Boulder
North Mass Boulder

You’ll probably work up an appetite after all that climbing. Fortunately, North Mass Boulder has a cafe upstairs with lots of healthy options. You’ll find fresh juices and smoothies, acai bowls, soup and salads, breakfast goodies like avocado toast, and a full espresso bar and 14 beers on tap for adults.

The cafe is open to the public, whether you’re climbing or not. (And in fact, it’s a great place to watch other climbers do their thing!) Top Out Cafe has lots of comfortable couches and other seating, so it’s a great place to do some remote working, or meet up with other parents for a coffee. On certain nights, Top Out Cafe also hosts family game nights and movie nights. Check their calendar to see what events they might be offering.

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