Free Paddle Board Yoga on the Canal

This summer, the Indianapolis Cultural Trail brings you a cool mix of yoga and paddle boarding right in the Downtown Indianapolis on the Canal. And it’s free! It’s peaceful yoga meets gentle water in an experience you won’t want to miss. Perfect for everyone – whether you’re already a yoga lover or brand new to paddle boarding. Get ready for a fun change to your usual workout!

Every Sunday afternoon from May through September, join the Indianapolis Cultural Trail for a 90-minute session that promises not just a workout but a unique experience. Immerse yourself in the surroundings of one of Indianapolis’ most iconic destinations, all while engaging in a fulfilling practice of yoga on a paddle board.

How to Join?

Each week, 10 lucky participants are selected randomly through the online registration system. Absolutely free of charge, this initiative by Pure Soul Paddle Board Yoga ensures that all paddle board equipment and professional instruction are provided, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone.

Two days before the class, on Friday, registered participants will receive an email with detailed information about their session. This ensures everyone is well-prepared for their upcoming adventure on the canal.

Registration Details:

  • Monthly Registration: Each person is eligible for one free pass per month, allowing as many individuals as possible to experience paddle board yoga.
  • Limited Space: Only 10 spots are available for each session, with the last five registrants placed on a waiting list for any unconfirmed reservations.
  • Spectators Welcome: Friends and family can cheer participants from the canal’s edge, adding to the community atmosphere of the event.

Free Paddle Board Yoga on the Canal


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring my child?

Yes, children 12 and older can join the paddle board yoga session. All ages are welcome on land for our Family Yoga session on land Sunday’s from 10-11am. Additional paddle board offerings are availble to purchase for childer under 12 though the Pure Soul Website.

Can I register for more than one person? 

Please only register yourself and others that are able to attend so this event can accomodate as many new guests as possible.

Can I register for more than one class?

No, each month the new events will be open for registration. If you have been a previous participant or a no show to a class your registration will not be accepted.

What if I’m not selected?

Registration will be confirmed for 10 participants each week, if we are not able to contact you, someone will be added from the 5 additional registrations offered each week.

What should I wear or bring?

Athletic apparel such as yoga clothes or swimwear are recommended. We advise not to wear cotton, if you do get wet cotton clothing gets heavy and cold. Items such as sunscreen, reusable water bottle with lid, hats, or sunglasses are helpful itmes to bring. Most eyewear does NOT float, please keep this in mind if wearing prescription sunglasses. Please secure valuables in your vehicle, we cannot be resposible for items kept on land.

Where can I park?

Parking is FREE on Sunday and available on 11th Street, there is also additional parking in the Fairbanks parking lot located off 11th Street.

What happens if I can’t make the class after signing up?

All registrants will receive a confirmation email. You will have the option to cancel your spot in the class. We respectfully ask that you notify us as soon as possible so another registration can be added to the session. If you do not show to your session without notice, your future registrations will not be accepted.Free Paddle Board Yoga on the Canal

What if the weather is bad?

All participants will receive an email notice Saturday evening if there is a chance for inclement weather during your session. We are always watching the weather closely, a final decision to host the session will be made 2 hours prior to our session start time. Participates will need to register for another session if a class is cancelled due to weather.

What is considered inclement weather?

Weather conditions that would cause a session to be canceled are as follows: Lighting, heavy rain, wind speeds over 13mph, or outside temperature below 50 degrees. For your safety we must rely on the forecast available two hours before the session is set to start.

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