Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks Exhibit is Coming to the Indiana State Museum

Get ready to embrace an environment filled with architectural brilliance and imagination. The Indiana State Museum is staging the “Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks” exhibit; a feat of both architectural science and design creativity. The show is the result of a creative partnership between the Museums of History NSW and Flying Fish.

Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks Exhibit is Coming to the Indiana State Museum

This remarkable exhibition highlights 20 iconic skyscrapers from North America, Asia, and Australia, showcasing the vast possibilities offered by LEGO® bricks. Cities’ defining landmarks, from the soaring Burj Khalifa to the grand Petronas Towers, are reimagined in LEGO®. These masterpieces are the work of Ryan “The Brickman” McNaught, a LEGO® Certified Professional from Australia.

Mom-child at TOT-James Horan for Museums of History NSW

Open from January 20 through May 12, a special members’ preview will also take place on January 19. The local presentation, supported by OneAmerica and Guidon, highlights landmarks that have significantly influenced global architecture and city skylines.

The exhibit will feature LEGO® versions of these world-renowned landmarks, including:

  • Burj Khalifa
  • Chrysler Building
  • CN Tower
  • Crown Sydney
  • Empire State Building
  • Eureka Tower
  • Infinity TowerE
  • Petronas Twin Towers
  • Q1 Tower
  • Shanghai Tower
  • Tokyo Skytree
  • Willis (Sears) Tower
Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks Exhibit is Coming to the Indiana State Museum
SLM Lego shoot. 29/9/2014Picture James Horan
Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks Exhibit is Coming to the Indiana State Museum

Moreover, the exhibition encourages visitors to join the fun. With over 200,000 loose LEGO® bricks at avilable, attendees can make their own ‘towers of tomorrow’. Construct and contribute to a growing LEGO® future city within the exhibition.

Visitor creations at TOT-James Horan for Museums of History NSW

Jay Brown, Principal and Managing Director of Flying Fish., shares their excitement, “This extraordinary collaboration between Museums of History NSW and Flying Fish brings together the finest in architectural artistry and creative expression. Brought to life by the talented Ryan McNaught and his team, these towering LEGO® creations are testaments to human ingenuity and limitless imagination. We are excited to share this stunning exhibition with audiences of all ages, as we celebrate engineering, design and play,”

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Ryan McNaught and his team spent more than 2000 hours and over half a million LEGO® bricks to craft each architectural marvel. These details are a part of what makes ‘Towers of Tomorrow with LEGO® Bricks’ the go-to event for design, architecture, and LEGO® fans.

Family builds at TOT-James Horan for Museums of History NSW

Ticket Information

Tickets cost $20 for adults, $14 for youth (ages 3-17), and $18 for seniors. Admission is free for members. Tickets are available on the Indiana State Museum website. 

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