Top 6 Benefits of Enrolling Your Child in NinjaZone

Kids have an amazing amount of energy. With that energy comes an amazing amount of potential. For parents who have been looking for a way to channel their child’s energy and have fun at the same time, NinjaZone is a great way to unlock that potential, and turn energy into ambition — one awesome kid at a time.

NinjaZone offers a combination of gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training and parkour, available to all kids no matter their ability level. All these different skills work together to make up the hot new sport of ninja.

“This awesome program gives kids the athletic foundation needed for them to be confident in their movements, and also a character foundation that sets them up for being an overall good human,” says Megan Noel, director of marketing and public relations for NinjaZone.

Being a ninja is pretty cool, but NinjaZone is about way more than that. Here are six big benefits of enrolling your child in NinjaZone.

They’ll gain confidence

“NinjaZone works to create a strong athletic and character foundation through early positive experiences with sport,” Noel says. “With both an athletic pillar and a character pillar in the NinjaZone curriculum, confidence is at the core.”

Also, class sizes are kept small so that children can feel connected with their coach, and the coach can get to know each child personally. Staff members work to build each child’s confidence so they can try new things, fail in a safe environment and then ultimately reach new heights.


They’ll develop motor skills

“Our curriculum was developed by master gymnasts and coaches, health professionals, PhDs and early childhood experts, thus creating coaching strategies, skill progressions and a class structure that is developmentally appropriate based on age,” Noel says.

During each class, coaches break skills into a series of progressions. These progressions not only allow coaches to properly correct body placement and movement inconsistencies, but it leads children to a more in-depth understanding of foundational skills.

They’ll learn discipline

NinjaZone curriculum takes the coordination and flexibility from gymnastics, the discipline from martial arts, the strength and agility from obstacle training, and the creativity from parkour to create one holistic sport. While children have the freedom to learn in different ways, coaches teach strict lessons of kindness, respect, selflessness and courage.

They’ll cultivate kindness

“Being active, contributing members of society is not only discussed, but practiced in our NinjaZone gyms,” Noel says. Throughout the year, NinjaZone locations participate in #NinjasGiveBack campaigns to support the needs of their communities. These have included sleeping bag drives for local shelters, food collection for pantries and volunteer work.

They’ll embrace a healthy lifestyle

“One of NinjaZone’s core values is ‘We believe in the benefit of fitness,’ and that feeling transcends the corporate office and goes all the way down to the children,” Noel says. “Making healthy choices and staying active is a natural side effect of the fun classes that we promote.”

They’ll hone their athletic skills

With all the recent research regarding the detrimental effects of single sports specialization, it’s more important than ever that children participate a variety of different sports and activities. “We create athletes that have foundational movements skills, core strength, coordination, flexibility and above all, confidence,” Noel says. “Not only do our Ninjas leave the gym feeling strong physically, they leave feeling strong mentally, and ready to take on all the challenges that stand in their way.”

For more information about NinjaZone and to sign up for a class, click here.

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