Finding a Great Preschool Enrichment Program

Now that your child is in preschool, you might be thinking about enrolling them in activities that go beyond what they’re learning at school. That’s where enrichment activities come in.

The options for preschool enrichment classes are endless: dance, music, art, nature, sports … the list goes on. So, where should you start? With so many options, how do you know what will be the best fit for your child, and your family as a whole?

Here’s the good news. With so many wonderful enrichment options in Indianapolis and the surrounding areas, there are lots of places that would be a great fit. What it boils down to is: What are you looking for in an enrichment program? What are your priorities and needs? Hopefully, after you are able to figure those out, the rest will fall into place.

To help get you started on your journey to picking a quality enrichment program, here are some things to be on the lookout for.

Child Interest

If your child gravitates toward a particular activity — like exploring nature, creating art or playing sports — then a good place to start is with their area of interest. Many times, though, preschoolers aren’t sure what they like! The great thing about preschool enrichment classes is that there are lots of different programs available that your child can explore. They’ll get a chance to grow and discover something new.

Age-appropriate Learning

Preschoolers learn best when they’re playing. For preschoolers, playtime isn’t just a time to be silly and have fun with peers, playtime is actually incredibly important for learning. Find a program with reasonable expectations for preschoolers, with classes where the learning is fun and playful.

Experienced Staff

The staff should be highly experienced in the topic that they are teaching, and also have a love for working with young children. They should also have realistic expectations of skills for preschool-aged children. A good way to see the staff in action is to observe a class. Ask to

Staff-to-Child Ratio

Different programs will have varying rules on class size. Some may offer more students with an instructor and helper, and others might have smaller classes with just one instructor. Find out the child-to-staff ratio when looking into programs, and keep in mind whether your child would do better in a class with fewer children.

Preschool Enrichment

Recommendations from Others

What is the enrichment program’s reputation in the community? Do other people recommend it? Word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family can be great resources for possible programs to investigate, especially if you don’t know where to start.

It might take a few sessions before you know whether you’ve found a good match between your preschooler and the enrichment program. But if your preschooler seems engaged in what they’re doing, wants to go back and is learning new skills, chances are you have found a good fit.

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