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Kode With Klossy

kode with klossyFree 2-week coding camp for young women & gender expansive students aged 13-18! Early CS exposure, custom curriculum, community & fun!


Basic Info:

Address: Camp location TBD
Phone: (802) 349-6258
Email: [email protected]
Website: kodewithklossy.com
Gender of Campers: Female and Gender Expansive
Dates: June 17 – June 28
Hours: 9 am – 4 pm
Ages: 13-18
Activities: Computer Science Curriculum

Q & A with Kode With Klossy:

What makes Kode With Klossy unique?

Our camps offer participants the opportunity to pursue their passions through code, while connecting with an amazing community of peers. The Kode With Klossy alumni community is made up of 10,000+ students who are all eager to connect and lift each other up from day 1 of camp and beyond!

Kode With Klossy

What activities are offered at Kode With Klossy?

Coding, community activities, discussion, dancing, and more!

What is the camper-to-counselor ratio?

25 students to 4 instructors is typical!

Kode With Klossy

How much time do the campers spend outside?

Not much time is spent outside, however there are many “Brain Breaks” taken throughout the day to get their bodies moving!

Does Kode With Klossy provide lunch/snacks or do parents need to provide them?

Lunch and snacks are provided!

Kode With Klossy

What is the typical daily schedule for campers?

The day starts at 9 am with an opening circle. They will then spend the next few hours learning code, applying what they’ve learned, working in small groups, and getting their questions answered. They may hear from inspirational speakers once in a while too!

How old are the counselors and how are they trained?

Our instructors are licensed educators who have been taught how to teach our custom curricula. They are supported by instructor assistants, who are former Kode With Klossy scholars, and are typically in college.

Kode With Klossy

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