9 Kid-Friendly Haunted Houses, Hayrides, Mazes and Trails in Indianapolis

It’s the season to embrace all-things fun and frightening! If your little one likes jump scares and things that go bump in the night, a Halloween haunted house might be for them. Indianapolis has many haunted houses for kids of all ages and scare tolerances — even those who prefer to face their fears with the lights on. We’ve rounded up some of the best haunted houses in Indianapolis that will provide your family with lots of thrills and chills this fall.

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For tiny pumpkins (ages 0-6, and those who scare easily)

The Children’s Museum Guild’s Haunted House — BOOville

Location: The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis | 3000 North Meridian Street, Indianapolis
Dates: October 10-31
Lights-on Hours:
Tuesday–Saturday: 10 am–3 pm; Wednesdays: 10 am–3 pm; and 3:30 pm–6:30 pm; Sundays: Noon–5 p.m.
Lights-off Hours: Thursday–Saturday: 4–9 p.m.
Price: $9 

BOOville is full of all the Halloween villains: ghosts, an underwater sea creature, the Grim Reaper and so much more,” says Guilda, BOOville’s very own resident witch. Add mad scientists, zombies and werewolves that howl.

Lights On Hours:

  • Includes fun, upbeat music with all lights turned up.
  • The same scary objects are in the house so can still be frightening for some children.
  • Friendly-faced greeters without Halloween masks are in each room of the house passing out treats to visitors similar to trick-or-treating.
  • Children can play seek-and-find with pictures of the annual Haunted House mascot as they move through the rooms of the house to help play up the fun of each room.
  • Each room also features a Halloween-related fun fact to ask your child such as “how many bones are in the human body?” (Answer: 206!)

Lights-Off Hours

  • Includes eerie music and minimal lighting.
  • Haunters hide throughout the house to jump out and scare unsuspecting visitors.
  • Although visual effects are used to maximize the scare experience, the frightening factor of the Haunted House focuses more on the “startle” rather than gore.
  • Many visitors will scream with surprise or fear as they move throughout the house.

BOOville at the Indianapolis Children's Museum

The Headless Horseman Festival and Hayride

Location: Conner Prairie | 13400 Allisonville Road, Fishers
Dates: October 5-29
6 pm–10 pm
Price: Headless Horseman Festival: $24; Reservations for hayride: $7

Take the iconic haunted hayride through Conner Prairie’s grounds and see if you encounter the horseman himself! Hayrides after 8 pm will pass through the woods of Conner Prairie in the dark where guests may encounter scary surprises, so it’s up to parents to decide if their children are mature enough for the ride. No characters will touch wagons or attendees during the hayride and there’s no need to worry about inappropriate decorations or gory special effects because there are none.

Headless Houseman Conner Prarie

Haunting of Waverly 

Location: Old Town Waverly Park | 8425 Main St, Martinsville
Dates: October 28

The mist seems to sit suspended above the dark water that flows along the White River Greenway Trail. The warmth of summer is gone and the chill of winter is creeping into the Fall nights as they grow longer and longer with each passing day. Join Morgan County Parks & Recreation once more gather together and battle the Evil that rises with the mist each Halloween. The EVIL that tries to devour all that is good in this place. Together, we will push them back into the bondage that will keep us safe one more year. 

For young goblins (ages 7-11)

Haunted Conservatory

Location: Garfield Park Conservatory | 2505 Conservatory Drive, Indianapolis
Dates: October 25 | 7-9 pm
Price: $4

For one night only! Get spooked as you walk through the Haunted Conservatory, complete with scary music, decoration, and ghouls! (Recommended for ages 8+) Registration is not required.

Haunted Conservatory


Fear Farm’s Haunted Hayride

Location: Indiana Fear Farm | 6736 S. 500 W., Jamestown
Dates: September 22 – October 28 (Friday-Sunday only)
Price: 8 and under: $16; 8 and over $18

Indiana’s Favorite Haunted Hayride is an action packed ride unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before! Located in Jamestown, just off the beaten path.  Our Hayride is packed with EXPLOSIONS and MONSTERS that come at you from every angle! Beware of the Headless Horseman roaming the grounds seeking his Revenge! Will you find your way out – or will he find you?  Our Hayride has people screaming with terror and cheering for more every year! What Scares you? (this ride is suitable for children and adults of all ages)

Hopeless Hollow Haunted Trail

Location: 4277 S. Co. Rd 60 SW, Greensburg
Dates: Every Saturday in October
Price: $5 for 10 and under; $15 for 11+

Hopeless Hollow haunted trail is a great haunt located south of Greensburg Indiana.

*No-Scare Trick or Treat Free at the Hollow, the Saturday of Halloween weekend – 3:30-4:30

Tunnel of Terror – Haunted Car Wash

Location: 13801 Olivia Way, Fishers
Dates: Fri-Sun, October 13-29 + Oct. 30-31
Price: $20/car

Load your car with your bravest family and friends and try not to scream as you drive through the thick fog and flashing lights of the past employee graveyard. Along the way, you will meet ghastly creatures amid a spooky setting. An online video is available on the Prime Car Wash website to check if this haunted house car wash is right for your family. 


For skele-teens (ages 12+)

Hanna Haunted Acres 

Location: Indiana Fear Farm | 6736 S. 500 W., Jamestown
Dates: Daily Septemebr 29-October 31 + November 3 & 4

Hanna Haunted Acres is Indianapolis’s premier haunted house theme park. Hanna Haunted Acres is open for 36 nights during the Halloween season and features 6 absolutely spectacular haunted attractions, including Indy’s best Haunted Hayride.

Piney Acres Scream Farm

Location: 1115 E 1000 N, Fortville, IN 46040
Dates: Friday’s-Sunday’s in October

Piney Acres ScreamFarm | Experience 3 terrifying attractions, and up to 72 acres of horror! Survive the legend of Dr. Rex E. Zenor in the infamous Haunted Loft! Get lost with us in an interactive 6-acre haunted trail, complete with hillbilly horror hysteria! Or see if you can survive the end of the world in a real live zombie apocalypse on the Haunted Hayride!

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