Wolf Park: 70-Acre Park in Indiana Providing a Habitat for Wolves

Wolf Park, located just outside West Lafayette, is a 70-acre nonprofit park and research facility dedicated to wild animals. Wolf Park provides a natural habitat for wolves, foxes, bison, and other animals. The park’s mission is to help people understand the importance of wolves in our environment. 

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Wolf pack howling at Wolf Park
Image by Monty Sloan/Wolf Park

$5 General Admission

Wolf Park offers a unique opportunity for visitors to experience a wonderful collection of animal exhibits, buildings, and even a picnic area. The admission is priced at $5 per person.

Wolf Park Indiana

From Sunday to Friday, Wolf Park welcomes visitors from 9:30 am to 2:30 pm Eastern Time, and on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 5 pm Eastern Time. It’s important to mention that the displays and ambassador animals on view might vary, and full access cannot be guaranteed with general admission.

However, the park also conducts Walkabouts periodically throughout the day. During these guided trips on the park’s trail, visitors have a chance to see other ambassador animals. Walkabouts, priced at $5 per person, operate based on first come first serve from the Visitor Center daily.

Wolf Park Tours

Several tours are available for groups and families that are both guided and self-guided. Guided walking tours take visitors through the property to view grey wolves, red foxes, grey foxes and bison that live on the property. Evenings provide a unique opportunity to see the animals in a whole new night. The “Howl Night” tour takes place as the night falls and the air cools, the wolves grow lively. Guests will be encouraged to howl along with the wolves as they serenade the park.

Wolf Park

Specialty tours include opportunities to photograph the wolves with park photographer Monty Sloan. As well as, feeding the wolves and learning about diet and hunting strategies, and a tour that focuses on the bison on the property. 

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Educational Opportunities at Wolf Park

Wolf Park regularly welcomes school field trips, group tours and even birthday parties. They also offer seminars and workshops ranging from one day to an entire week. These workshops provide educational opportunities in various subjects, including animal behavior, life coaching, and art.


Bison at Wolf Park

For the Kids

During the summer, the park offers summer camps and a wildlife advocate program. Kids in elementary grades learn about caring for wild animals, how animals communicate, and future career opportunities. 

The wildlife advocate program at Wolf Park is for teens who love animals and want to help with conservation efforts. The program is an eight-week intensive course emphasizing advocating for endangered species and how they can be a part of environmental efforts. 

Wolf Park

Go Virtual 

For homeschool students and families looking for virtual experiences, the website offers a wealth of online resources, webinars, and videos. It’s a virtual way to continue learning about the park and the animals they care for. 

More Info

Wolf Park is located at 4004 E. 800 N., in Battle Ground, Indiana. The park is open on select days from May through October, although reservations are required. For more information, visit wolfpark.org.

Wolves at the park

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