Hidden Gems: Indy Salt Cave

Halotherapy, or “salt therapy,” is when dry salt aerosol is inhaled. It is believed to “cleanse human airways, like a toothbrush cleanses teeth.” 

Indy Salt Cave, located in Fort Harrison State Park, offers this kind of therapy. They offer three spa treatments: The Healing Salt Cave, Hand and Foot Detox and The Infrared Sauna. Each spa treatment costs around $30. Children are allowed in The Healing Salt Cave, but you must call first.  

Indy Salt Cave is a cottage-y looking place nestled in the woods that looks like something out of a fairy tale. The theme is carried out throughout the interior. Lots of pink salt lamps, warm candles and leafy foliage decorate the cozy entrance area.  

Indy Salt Cave | indysaltcave.com

Once I checked in, I was asked to cleanse my hands and cover my shoes with provided slippers. Before entering the cave, I was given two soothing gifts: a hot cup of chamomile tea and perfectly warm salt bars to hold in my lap. Ushered into a cozy lounge chair, I found myself alone in the salt cave for my entire 45-minute reservation.  To be honest, for this mom of three young boys, 45 minutes alone in a soothing environment with a hot cup of tea was the most blissful part of this entire experience.  

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As far as the healing benefits of salt aerosol go, I did notice that when I licked my lips, I tasted salt, so there must have been salt aerosol floating around the cave. I also felt a funny tingle in my nose and throat. As far as if it helped clear up any sinus issues, I can’t be certain, but I did feel like I had been swimming in salt water after I left, minus the sticky residue.  

If you’re looking for a unique and comforting experience, Indy Salt Cave is a place to try!  

8899 Kent Ave., Indianapolis | indysaltcave.com 

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