Hidden Gems: Penn & Beech Candle Company 

Penn & Beech Candle Company was maybe a hidden gem at one point. Now, you will need a reservation to get in. There are locations in Broad Ripple and Carmel, and in the last month, I visited both locations, and both are equally amazing.  

When we visited, we were given a tour of the shop and directions for our in-store candle pouring experience. Then we were handed a notepad and pencil and directed to the Wall of Scents.  

We spent a good 20 minutes exploring the wall through our noses. My son, George, and his friend had to be pulled away from the wall.  

“But one more! Look, it says it smells like OLD BOOKS!” he pleaded. 

“But we need to make a candle, not just smell them.” I pulled his mittened hand. 

Ignoring me, he plunged his nose into the candle and inhaled. His eyes grew wide. “It does smell like old books! Smell it, mom!” 

Candle under my nose accompanied by my boy’s sparkling eyes, I took a big whiff, “Oh my gosh! It totally does!”  

This scene played itself out multiple times — insert a new scent each time. Santa’s Pipe. Mulled Cider. Rosemary. Lily of the Valley. Cucumber. Pear. Yuzu? (It smelled like an orange.) 

When we finally pulled ourselves away and made it to our table, we were met by our server with a near impossible task: narrow your favorite scents down to three.  

Once we decided, she brought out the ingredients for our candle. We began to mix and pour. And sniff. Until we reached the perfect, unique-to-us candle. 

George decided on a combination of Santa’s Pipe (a scent that will be retired in the spring until next winter) and Old Books. We were given a label for our candle and encouraged to make up our own name. George called his “Old Pipe.”  

George’s friend, Melania, chose a lovely combination of Cucumber, Pear and Yuzu which she named “Mermaid.” 

Since we went to the shop, George has said several times that was one of the most fun outings we have been on together. I’m looking forward to a visit in the spring to see what new fragrances line the shelf. 

Penn & Beech Candle Company is located at 747 N. College Ave. in Indianapolis, and at 145 Elm St. in Carmel.

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