Hidden Gems: Glass Arts Indiana 

As the New Year kicks off, so does the opportunity to try new things, such as Glass Arts Indiana.

Glass Arts Indiana is a glass art studio near Massachusetts Avenue that supports both emerging and established artists. Its studio offers a variety of events throughout the year, including experiences, education, exhibitions and demonstrations.

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The studio offers both workshops and memberships to those interested in growing their glass art knowledge. Memberships are avilable to any individual or organization with an interest in glass art. This includes experienced and newbie collectors, artists, gallery owners, educators, and even members of the general public.

Membership tiers include individual membership for one calendar year, a family membership that’s good for all members of a household, and student membership, which is only valid with a current student ID.

Glass Arts Indiana offers memberships as well as classes for hands-on glass art experiences. These classes are available to individuals aged 10 and older. Class options include making paperweights, mushrooms, bowls and more, and range in price from $58 to upwards of $68 or more, depending on the artwork being created.

Most sessions last about two hours. During this time, visitors can collect molten glass from a 2100-degree furnace and craft it into a unique creation of their own design. All glass art pieces are available for pickup a few days after the class to allow the piece to cool down.

Other workshop class options include couples classes, which are available by contacting Glass Arts Indiana.

1125 E. Brookside Ave., Indianapolis | glassartsindiana.org

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