How to make a kid’s birthday party FUN for adults

Last night my house was full of happy, laughing kids and adults wearing fairy wings.

Today, I have a pretty significant headache and some loneliness to contend with. Plus one unbelievable mess. But it was worth it.

My theory about kids’ birthday parties is to not overthink things—just provide a bunch of junk food, pizza, cupcakes and a piñata, plus plenty of cocktails for the adults, and let things happen. No bounce houses, roller rinks, expensive outings or complicated party games. Just sugar, a colorful, candy-filled piñata to swing a bat at, and someone to help keep adults’ wine glasses full.

This time since Daisy is obsessed with the Rainbow Magic Fairies book series, I threw in a few rainbow decorations, tiny bottles of sparkling pixie dust and seven sets of pink fairy wings. It was a wild but magical evening.

I really adore my friends. Even Jill, David and Tony, who have no children of their own, showed up to add sparkle to the celebration. I love almost nothing more than seeing my kids having a great time while I am smiling and laughing with people I care about. The kids may have been a bit embarrassed when we grown-ups borrowed their fairy wings and raised our glasses for a group photo, but it was a highlight of my night. The little fairies had plenty of fun. We adults needed ours too.

Summer vacation for the kids starts next Friday, and I’m both excited for it and dreading it. Figuring out kids’ schedules and transportation to activities has been keeping me up lots of nights. This world is not designed for working parents, much less single parents.

I’ll make my way through it. I think the secret ingredient to my sanity will continue to be bringing friends into this home to keep me company and keep me laughing through the chaos.

Life can always use more moments drenched in friendship, magic and fairy dust.


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