Hot Glass Studio Offers Classes in Indy

Have you ever gathered molten glass from the inside of a 2,100-degree furnace, molded the glass into the shape and color of your choosing, and created a beautiful piece of artwork for display? GRT Hot Glass Studios is one of the few places in Indianapolis where you can do that!

The studio offers a variety of classes for ages 10 years and up, giving the community a unique experience to use their creativity and try out their glass blowing skills. 

Courtesy of GRT Hot Glass Studios

What to Expect at a Hot Glass Class

Hot glass is gathered on the end of a 5-foot steel pipe. Color is added, and then begins the shaping and forming process. You really get to explore your artistic side, as you work the glass and imagine all the different varieties and options you can create.

For younger students, a glass studio class can offer a quick and interesting science course. They can learn the answers to questions like how glass reacts under extreme heat, what glass is it made of, what movements and techniques are needed to guide the glass into the shape you want, and lots more. 

The room can get incredibly hot, so instructors recommend participants wear long pants, t-shirts and closed toed shoes. 

Glass Classes That Are Offered

GRT Hot Glass Studios offers two-hour sampler classes, which allow visitors who are curious about glass blowing to learn about the basics, see a demonstration and then try the process themselves. Pieces then cool overnight and are available to pickup within a few days of class. 

In addition to sampler classes, seasonal workshops are offered, allowing students to try their hand at hearts, pumpkins, snowmen and Christmas ornaments. 

If you prefer private instruction, GRT offers two-hour classes similar to the sampler class, with one-on-one (or two if you prefer to go with a friend) instruction. With this type of instruction, students typically develop skills at a faster pace and can often create more than one piece per class time. 

A slight variation and lengthier class time at three hours, GRT also offers a fusing and kiln formed glass class. The class teaches students to fuse glass into different shapes and sizes and allows for creativity in materials and technique. 

More Info

GRT Hot Glass Studio is located at 6400 Brookville Rd., Suite D, in Indianapolis. Visit for more information. 

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