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Located in the heart of Broad Ripple, Create Art Studio opened its doors last fall and has since provided unique art opportunities. Co-founders Chrissy Sweigart and Alissa Moody utilized their passion and appreciation for art to cultivate creativity and community. This studio has become a space where individuals of all ages and skill levels can explore their artistic passions. From its welcoming atmosphere to its diverse range of classes and workshops, Create Art Studio has established itself as a vital hub for artistic expression in the local community.  

Specializing in Process-based Art 

Process based art is choice-driven, artist directed and celebrates the experience of discovery. The result of process art is always unique, and the focus is on the creation rather than the outcome. The artist has freedom in how they execute the projects.  

“To me, process-based art is about discovery and exploration,”  Sweigart says. “It takes away the fear of making something look exactly like someone else’s art. You are introduced to different mediums, materials, inspiration and you create something based on your interests.” 

The studio’s wide-ranging opportunities allow for everyone to find comfort, creativity and enjoyment through their programming. 


How It Started 

Indy natives Sweigart and Moody found themselves inspired by the idea of bringing art opportunities to their community. While on a trip to Bend, Oregon, Moody found inspiration at a local art studio, something that Indianapolis lacked.  

“We really wanted to create something that can be for all ages, not intimidating, where people can create process-based art in a setting where local artists have the opportunity to teach,” Moody says. The two friends collaborated to make these ideas a reality last fall. 

What They Offer 

One of the defining features of Create Art Studio is its extensive range of classes and workshops catering to various interests and skill levels. The studio is adaptable for all age groups to accommodate all artists. From drawing and acrylics to ceramics and sculpture, the studio offers a diverse array of opportunities for artistic exploration. Classes are taught by experienced instructors who are primarily local artists themselves. The teachers are passionate about sharing their knowledge and inspiring others to create while building the community. 

Sweigart’s background as an art teacher aided the implementation of art programs based on age groups, with groups ranging from 1.5-4 years old to adult curriculum. Summer camps are currently available, along with various one-off classes. Summer classes are a great opportunity to try out process-based art. The studio gears back towards six-week semesters once the school year begins in the fall. Class themes often change throughout the year, with refreshing new ideas and opportunities.   

Beyond regular classes, Create Art Studio also hosts special events, exhibitions and community outreach programs throughout the year. These events help showcase the talent of local artists and provide opportunities for networking, collaboration and cultural enrichment. From art walks to charity fundraisers, the studio actively engages with the broader community, reinforcing its role as a cultural hub in Broad Ripple. 


What truly sets Create Art Studio apart is its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. The studio firmly believes that art should be for everyone, regardless of background or experience. As such, it strives to create a welcoming environment where people from all walks of life can come together to create, learn and grow.   

Looking ahead, Create Art Studio remains dedicated to its mission of fostering creativity and community in Broad Ripple and beyond. As it continues to evolve and grow, the studio remains committed to providing a space where artistic expression knows no bounds. Classes are available at  

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