WIN: What's Important Now?

I recently had the honor and privilege to sit with a dear friend while she had a chemotherapy treatment to battle cancer. After my time chatting with her for a few hours during her session, I left and made my way to my next appointment with a Real Estate client. It was obvious to me that several others I saw in the halls or in the waiting room were each fighting their own difficult battle as well.

It struck me that no one, not one person, wanted to be in that situation, but at that moment all other parts of life had to slow down and the focus had to become WIN, What’s Important Now. The little in life had to stop so the focus could be on the big.

For me, I honestly get caught up in the day to day of living. The routine and busyness can overwhelm me and I find it easy to lose focus of what really matters. I choose what goes in to my day and how I use my time and some days my choices are far from where they should be. We’re all a work in progress, aren’t we?

However, I’m vowing to get in the habit of asking myself,

“What’s Important Now?”

Life has a way of swooping us in to such small and mundane tasks. We get caught up on spending energy on petty issues, replaying silly events, or allowing unimportant items to take our focus. So in moments like that we have to stop and make an analysis of What’s Important Now.

In the middle of writing this post I learned that a person I knew some 23 years ago in my teens passed away at a very young age a few years back. It struck me to learn this and I can honestly say I’ve fallen into the trap of taking today for granted. I admit to giving way too many small and unimportant tasks my focus and attention and I’m even more reminded to keep asking myself the all-important question of WIN.

Life is not when. It is today, it is now.

So, What’s Important Now?

Today. The people around you. Your purpose.

Today is a gift and tomorrow is no guarantee. Turn up your WIN filters. Make the most of the life you’ve been given!

Fill Your Bucket

Mindy Irish

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