The Jungle Book at The Children’s Museum

The jungle comes to life at the Lilly Theater at The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis. Starting in March, visitors can experience Mowgli’s quest and the world of The Jungle Book through a new and exciting lens: live theater. Complete with a hand-painted set and interactive performances with professional actors, this show brings to life Mowgli’s search for family, home and the place where he truly belongs.

The Lilly Theater is not just home to world-class children’s productions and an experienced staff, but is also the perfect place to introduce children and families to live theater. With its 350 seat theater and natural acoustics, the theater offers an intimate and immersive experience for all ages.


Lilly Theater Manager Krista Layfield says that The Children’s Museum shows always have a little something for everyone. “We try to make every show interactive in some way,” she says.  “We perform scenes in realistic settings, and we really try to make our audiences feel immersed, as if we have transported them to a different time and place, both with the scenery and the storytelling.”

The Jungle Book is no different.  Adapted and created specifically for a younger audience, this interpretation, written by local playwright Ben Asaykwee, presents Mowgli as an adult, reflecting on the adventures of his youth.

The Lilly Theater has offered professional live entertainment to families for over 30 years.  Because the theater shows are free with museum admission, Layfield says that for a large portion of visitors, it’s their first time seeing any sort of live theater.

For those who can’t wait until March to get in on the wild fun, try a game of Jungle Charades.  Take turns acting like a jungle animal until someone guesses what you are. Animal noises and movements are encouraged – but no words!

For more information on dates and times for The Jungle Book visit

Photo caption: The Lilly Theater at The Children’s Museum is ready for its next production of The Jungle Book.

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