The Halloween Contract

Parents, we’ve all been there – that point on Halloween night when your kids’ lovingly prepared Halloween costumes are a now a disheveled mess piled at their feet as the focus turns to the mountain of candy that once-adorable costume has earned them. Some children choose to sort their loot into categories; others prefer to savor the overall magnitude of their collection. But for parents it is always the same as we sit back and devise a plan to confiscate all things chocolate without our children knowing.

Huffington Post Editorial Director, Christina Anderson, has devised a brilliant solution to this dilemma: The Halloween Contract. Never mind if your children aren’t old enough to read or if their signature consists of a single dirty fingerprint. This contract is your way of taking back what is rightfully yours – guilt free. In the contract, Anderson stakes her claim to, “any/all Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups obtained on or around Halloween.” Furthermore, she stipulates that the Reese’s must be handed over willingly, sans whining, or the child risks losing his entire Halloween stash.

You can access a copy of Anderson’s clever contract here. Simply swap out your name and include your candy of choice, be sure to change New York to Indiana in the final clause (you know, so it is binding), print, sign and relish the rewards. Why didn’t we think of this?



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