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Freeze dried candy has become a popular TikTok trend recently. From gummy worms to Skittles to M&Ms, TikTokers have been freeze-drying them all. 

What does freeze-dried candy taste like? The freezing process makes the candy become a crunchier, lighter textured version of the original. Just like astronaut ice cream. 

 However, it was TikTok, and not astronaut ice cream, that served as a catalyst for a great idea. Best friends Jaxson Lemieux and Roman Cordell arrived at the idea of opening up a new candy shop in Westfield, featuring almost every kind of candy one could possibly imagine, served in its freeze-dried version. What makes the venture even more cool is that Jaxon and Roman are both teenagers. 

The freeze-dried candy store,, was just an idea in the spring of 2023, and by July 2023, it had an address: 16851 Southpark Drive in Westfield. And, of course, a very popular TikTok channel:

Lemieux and Cordell’s most popular TikTok, with over 85,000 views, shows the boys in their candy shop dressed in sparkly cowboy hats, dancing together to Ice Spice and Nicki Minaj’s song “Barbie World.” The last image of the TikTok shows the boys cradling an armful of — what else — pink freeze-dried candy.


All of the products are made on-site at a commercial kitchen by Lemieux and Cordell. Visitors to the brick-and-mortar store will find an assortment of freeze-dried candies — like Twix, peach rings and Fruit Roll-Ups — and can create their own cup of goodies. They also have freeze-dried fruit and freeze-dried dog treats, too. If you can’t make it down to the store, you can order online to have their treats shipped. Or if you absolutely need your freeze-dried Milk Duds now, FreezeDryIt.Com is on Doordash and GrubHub.

16851 Southpark Drive in Westfield |

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