Take a Journey on the Snowfall Express at the Indiana State Museum

The sights, sounds, and magic of an Indiana winter are bursting through the elevator doors on the top floor of the Indiana State Museum with the newest addition of the Snowfall Express.

The Snowfall Express is a part of the Indiana State Museum’s holiday festivities, Celebration Crossing. Visitors can catch a ride on the Snowfall Express begining Nov. 26, 2021, through Jan. 2, 2022.

Railway Station Waiting Area…adults are waiting, children are playing!

Located on the 3rd floor of the Indiana State Museum, guests of all ages can enjoy a nearly 5-minute relaxing and charming train ride aboard the brand-new Snowfall Express. Upon entering the train depot, guests are immediately immersed in the artist’s work with the beautiful touches of art displayed among the walls in the train’s waiting station. (The artist is a local Hooiser from right here in Indianapolis! How awesome is that?)


The peaceful waiting room has a lot to offer young guests to keep them engaged while their adult companion saves a place in line and waits for their family to board the train. In the station waiting area, there is plenty of open play space for children to play and create.

Celebration Crossing at Indiana State Museum “Take a Journey on the Snowfall Express”
Celebration Crossing at Indiana State Museum “Take a Journey on the Snowfall Express”
Celebration Crossing at Indiana State Museum “Take a Journey on the Snowfall Express”

Towards the front of the area, there is a large cart with a collection of natural materials and plastic forest animals waiting to be used. Children are invited to use their imagination and creativity along with the natural materials available in bowls and on trays to build winter homes, habitats and scenes for the various animals. There is also a train table with a wonderful selection of trains, other vehicles, tracks, trees and more.

All aboard The Snowfall Express!!

While guests make their way through the line and prepare to board the train, there is a feeling of joy and excitement that fills the air. The feeling is truly magical and the exhibit’s artwork that guests are about to experience is breathtakingly beautiful.

the Snowfall Express at The Indiana State Museum
the Snowfall Express at The Indiana State Museum
the Snowfall Express at The Indiana State Museum
the Snowfall Express at The Indiana State Museum

“Keep your hands, toes, knees and nose safely inside the train at all times!” The train, under the direction of the conductor, has 4 cars for museum guests to choose from to board. The coal car, which is directly behind the locomotive and conductor, is a roofless car and seats 2-3 people comfortably. This is the perfect car to ride on if you want to fully embrace the fresh, falling snow (bubbles) during the train experience. The next 2 passenger cars are covered with a roof, but have plenty of windows for viewing, and can easily seat 3-4 guests. The caboose is wheelchair accessible and 2-6 riders can enjoy riding in the last car of the train. The Snowfall Express is safely monitored by the train’s engineer who helps visitors board and closes and locks each car’s door before its departure into the forest. All riders under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult.

Indiana State Museum Train Ride | Holiday Train Ride Indianapolis

The whimsical forest animals who call Indiana their home bring you along their playful journeys as they prepare to say goodbye to Autumn days and welcome the anticipation of the first snowfall and wintertime months. “Everyone’s excited for the first snow of the season” is displayed in the loading area and is undoubtedly the truth.

The Train at Celebration Crossing at Indiana State Museum
Celebration Crossing at Indiana State Museum

As the train is making its way through the forest, snow magically begins to fall and that magical feeling of the first snow descends upon, lightly covering museum guests riding the Snowfall Express. Museum designers brought the artist’s work alive with twirling Fall leaves, sledding animals, snowball-rolling squirrels and more! There is a lot to see in each forest scene so guests can ride the express as many times as their schedule allows, but keeping in mind wait times can vary with the popularity of this new holiday addition. The Snowfall Express, without a doubt, will be a guest favorite this holiday season.

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Meet the creative minds!

Candice Hartsough, a local Indy-artist, is the creative master and designer behind the whimsical forest creatures and their cozy forest habitat. Candice, a graduate of Herron School of Art and Design, is a freelance illustrator and has illustrated several children’s books. Her work is complemented by another creative Hooser, composer Eric Van Cleave. Eric is a musical orchestrator and director in the Fort Wayne area. The artwork and musical selections are the perfect pair to bring the magic and wonder of wintertime in the forest to all train passengers. There is a piece of winter wonder waiting for everyone.

More Details: 

The Snowfall Express is a part of The Indiana State Museum’s Celebration Crossing holiday festivities and runs from November 26 through January 2, 2022. The Snowfall Express is included with general admission to the Indiana State Museum. The museum is typically open from Wed-Sun, 10 am-5 pm. Beginning Dec. 8, the Indiana State Museum will be open every day (with the exception of Dec. 25) until Jan. 2, 2022.


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