Recipe: Very Berry Granola Bars

My boys are always hungry after school and/or sports. Granola bars make a simple, convenient snack for them. They are easily transportable, and they...

DIY: Fair Corn Dog

Every year, we go to the Indiana State fair and one of my daughter’s favorite food to leave the fair with is a corn...

Recipe: Fruit Pizza

My family loves fruit and we enjoy cookies, so why not put them together and create a fruit pizza. This simple dessert creates a...

DIY: Fall Harvest Crunch

Putting all the obvious jokes about Indiana and corn aside, let's just say that Indiana knows how to do a corn mazes. So here's a list of local ones.

DIY: Sweet & Savory Popcorn

Ahh. The smell of sweet popcorn is in the air. And now you can make this sweet & savory Indiana State Fair staple in...

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