Sally’s Ceramics Sparks Creativity for All Ages

At Sally’s Ceramics, a small art studio in Pittsboro, Sally Suiter has been offering children’s activities in fired clay and jewelry art for nearly 50 years.

Located about 30 minutes outside of Indianapolis on Indy’s westside, walking into Sally’s Ceramics can be an experience even before sitting down to create or paint. The walls of the studio are lined with hundreds of ceramic molds: mugs, plates, animals, decorative items and jewelry. 

Sally’s Ceramics

Art Classes for Kids and Adults at Sally’s Ceramics

At the art studio, kids and adults alike can find a space to express their creativity. Guests can drop by and try their hand at throwing pottery at the pottery wheels, paint ceramic figures, create glass figurines and more. Classes are posted on the Sally’s Ceramics Facebook page.

More than anything, Suiter hopes to spread the joy of teaching and learning the craft. She encourages her guests to have fun while learning how to use a pottery wheel, fuse glass and paint, among a host of other crafting skills.

Suiter says that somewhere along the line, traditional ceramic studios have begun dwindling, meaning the education aspect of the craft has been lost. But it’s her desire to continue teaching and educating others on where the materials come from, how they are made and different creative aspects to the skill. 

Art Parties and Special Needs Classes

Sally’s Ceramics is also a place where you can book unique birthday parties, home-school sessions, Boy Scout and Girl Scout outings, senior group sessions and private classes. They also host art sessions for special needs children and adults, such as LEL Action Club, Danville’s Sycamore Services and more. 

Suiter’s own grandson has special needs, so she has a heart for non-profits and those in need. She regularly sponsors raffles and fundraisers to help others and was recently able to donate $10,000 to Sycamore Services, a service provider for adults and children with disabilities. 

More Info

Sally’s Ceramics is located at 226 N. Maple Street in Pittsboro. Hours vary depending upon season and class schedule. Visit the Sally’s Ceramics Facebook page for information, or call (317) 892-4091 before stopping by. 

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