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Prather Park, formerly River Road Park

Little archeologists, history buffs, and dinosaur lovers: We have the perfect park for you! Prather Park Park in Carmel is a one-of-a-kind park that includes features you’ll see nowhere else around Indy. It blends play, education, and nature in one beautiful space. Located on the northeast side of Carmel, this park is a must-see for all ages!

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River Rock Road
River Rock Road

Prather Park History

There is a lot of history at Prather Park and you can see examples of it all around. This park is located where Moffitt Village was around 8,000-6,000 B.C. According to the Hamilton County government website, this area of Indiana was home to the Early Archaic and Early and Late Woodland people and then later occupied by other prehistoric and historic Native Americans. Informational signs around the park give you more information about the people who once lived there.

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River Rock Road
River Rock Road
River Rock Road
River Rock Road

Prather Park Playground

The unique playground is truly one of a kind. It looks like a gigantic archeological site and was inspired by the area’s archeological past. Dinosaur fans and budding archeologists will be in love with this playground! Slides and rock climbing structures resemble dinosaur fossils, and a handicap-accessible sandbox has artifacts.

Prather Park also features an enclosed interpretive exhibit — Journey to Days Past —  that’s designed to educate visitors about the Native American people who occupied this area of Indiana more than 700 years ago. The interactive experience gives people a glimpse into the historical significance of this area, and it is open rain or shine when the park is open.

Other Park Features

Prather Park is 62 acres and has many grassy areas that are perfect for picnics and flying kites when the wind is right. The park is also located along the banks of the White River. Boaters and fishers use the river to launch canoes. Prather Park also includes paved walking trails that take you through nature, a river overlook, prairies, wetlands, and fields perfect for softball and soccer games.

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More Info

PratherPark is located at 12575 River Rd. in Carmel. For more information about the park, visit the website here.



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