Reflect Forward this Summer at Conner Prairie

Take your summer to new heights as you reflect forward at Conner Prairie!

Soar up to 377 feet in the air

Soar up to 377 feet in the air as you embark on a high-flying adventure with Conner Prairie’s 1859 Balloon Voyage and enjoy breathtaking views of the Indiana landscape. As you float above the grounds, you’ll gain a new perspective on the past, imagining how early settlers once viewed the vast land beneath you. This unique experience connects you to history in an unforgettable way, blending excitement with education as you learn about the significance of ballooning in the 19th century and how it led the way for flight today.

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conner prairie balloon

Brand-New Trails

After your sky-high journey, explore the brand-new Trails at Conner Prairie. These scenic paths wind through forests and open fields, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. Grab a kid’s guide at the trailhead to learn about the land, bridging the gap between past and present. Each step is a walk through time, providing a deeper appreciation of the natural world and the stories it holds. 

Treetop Outpost and River Crossing splash pad

For even more hands-on fun, visit the Treetop Outpost and River Crossing splash pad. At the Treetop Outpost, kids can climb, build, and explore among the treetops, fostering a connection with nature while engaging in creative play. Then, cool off at River Crossing, where your children can splash around and discover the importance of rivers in America’s history. These interactive areas combine learning with play, ensuring your family enjoys every moment while making lasting memories. 

conner prairie splash pad


Conner Prairie is open 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday. Plan your visit to Conner Prairie today and experience the perfect blend of history, adventure, and family fun! Explore all Conner Prairie has to offer and purchase tickets here. 

Conner Prairie's Treetop Treehouse

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