Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie: Featuring a 4-Story Treehouse

Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie features a 4-story treehouse, as well as a number of activities for exploring, building, and even playing songs on outdoor instruments. Families can connect with the natural materials in the world around them while disconnecting from gadgets in this beautiful wooded setting.

Conner Prairie's Treetop Treehouse

Conner Prairies Treetop Outpost is more than just a treehouse. There are many other areas to explore at this one-of-a-kind Indiana attraction. 

The Treehouse at Treetop Outpost

Let’s start with the main draw to the treetop Outpost – the treehouse! The 4-story treehouse is truly a sight to be seen and explored by kids and adults alike. Inside the treehouse, you will find different activities on each floor. Highlights of the treehouses include a high-powered magnifying glass, a telescope, and a small library in the basement. The 30-foot suspension bridge leading to the treehouse is also a favorite among guests.

Treehouse at Conner Prairie
Conner Prairie Treehouse
Conner Prairie treehouse
Treetop outpost

Fort Hoosier Playground

After exiting the basement level of the treehouse, guests will find the Fort Hoosier playground.  The playground is designed to resemble a fort from the 1800s, made of many natural elements. Children can climb netting, scale walls and more on the playground all while having fun!

Playground at COnner Prairie
Treetop Outpost
conner prairie

Build, create, and imagine at the Treetop Outpost at Conner Prairie

At the Treetop Outpost, there are many opportunities to learn and try new activities. Conner Prairie provides all the materials and tools needed to construct a mini-house out of “Lego-like” bricks. Or maybe your children would prefer to dig in the sandboxes, searching for artifacts. Throughout the season, the Treetop Outpost offers many enrichment and special activities to learn new skills taught by one of their team members.

Building a house
treetop outpost
conner prairie
Conner Prairie treetop outpost _ Indy's Child

Some of the Stats:

  • Size of entire experience: 6,000 square feet, not including an adjoining and existing Nature Walk
  • Square footage of art, building, digging and music-making areas: 2,600 square feet combined
  • Height of centerpiece treehouse: 45 feet (four stories)
  • Cost of experience: $783,832
  • Contractor: Hagerman Construction
  • Capacity of entire experience: 175-200 guests, excluding the Nature Walk
  • Capacity of just treehouse alone: 81

Conner Prairie treetop outpost _ Indy's Child

More time outside at Conner Prairie Treetop Outpost

What does all of this mean for you? More time spent outdoors with your family in an engaging location full of whimsy, nature and art. All ages are sure to find something that intrigues them, whether it’s the reading nook, speaking tubes, sharing shelf, nature trail, musical instruments or any of the many hands-on art experiences created by Hoosier artists. As I asked the kids and adults their favorite aspects of the newest Conner Prairie addition, I was surprised to get a new answer by each person. It’s not just a treetop structure but a fun way to explore the natural world, art and music.

conner praire treetop outpost

“Our goal is to help get children and families outdoors to investigate, explore, create and imagine,” said Conner Prairie President and CEO Norman O. Burns. “Our focus with Treetop Outpost is to spark visitors’ curiosity about how people throughout history used nature for necessity and inspiration, how we use natural resources today and how we can preserve those resources for the future.”

More info:

The Treetop Outpost is located on the northwest side of the Conner Prairie Interactive History Park grounds. Entrance is free with general admission. Conner Prairie is located at 13400 Allisonville Road in Fishers. Call 317-776-6000 or visit for additional details.


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