Why Use a Non-Toxic (Natural) Laundry Detergent?

Indy dad Blaine Burgan used to like the smell of toxic laundry detergent and the dreaded fabric softener, but it has been many years since he has used either in his house. “Four out of five of our family members are allergic to dyes and fragrances, which means that a free and clear detergent is the only option,” Burgan said. “The more I learned about ‘natural’ laundry detergent, the less that I liked our options. That is why I created PURE Natural Laundry Detergent and PURE Baby.”

All laundry detergents leave residue on clothing, which is then absorbed by our skin (and inhaled). The negative side effects of some of the chemicals in detergents range from skin or eye irritation to possibly much more serious health problems, such as endocrine disruption—or even exposure to potential carcinogens.

What do you want to stay away from?

  • Synthetic detergents, which are often made of petrochemicals
  • Phenols (established endocrine disruptors, of which BPA is the most notorious)
  • Beloved, delicious, and totally toxic fragrance (which usually contains phthalates)
  • Optical brighteners, which are often made from benzene, a definite carcinogen
  • Bleach, which contains chlorine (an environmental toxin—and potential carcinogen and endocrine disruptor)
  • Phosphates, which break down minerals and render detergent more effective, but have harmful environmental ramifications 
  • Sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS): a highly controversial synthetic detergent often cited as a carcinogen, which is found in everything from toothpaste to dish soap

PURE Natural Laundry Detergent and PURE Baby are truly free and clear detergents packaged in bottles that you could easily measure with and that list the ingredients—of our recently patented formula—on the label. PURE detergent is not only free from the chemicals listed above, but it also naturally and effectively cleans and softens clothes without fabric softener, and unlike many other “natural” options, is not overpriced.

PURE Natural Laundry Detergent and PURE Baby are available online at Amazon and our website: as well as at our Laundromat at 65th and Keystone in Indianapolis, IN. While quantities last we are offering a free sample bottle of detergent because we want as many people to experience the benefits of a truly free and clear detergent as possible. 

Free Sample Bottle + Promo Codes 

Please stop by the Laundromat at 2509 E. 65th St. and ask for a free sample bottle (enough for 16 loads of laundry). We have recently added curbside pickup to our website, and when you want to purchase more detergent, you can use coupon code IC175 to get $1.75 off of one bottle, IC4 to get $4 off a two bottle purchase, and ICfree to get $14.99 off of a 6 bottle purchase, all with curbside pickup.

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