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The Spaience Lab Brings Along Birthday Parties & Workshops That Blend Fun With Learning.

The Spaience Lab is an Innovative, Creative & Fun STEM/STEAM Program. Spaience Lab Workshops & Parties Are A Fun Blend Of Exploration, Discovery & Creativity.

Workshops & Parties are hosted at their fabulous Location and offer participants a variety of activities that involve hands-on learning and take-home projects. The Lip Gloss Lab Workshop and Parties are fabulously fun. Participants get to learn the Art and Science of Lip Gloss through hands-on interactive activities and get to make and take home their own custom lip gloss creation.

From the moment the workshop participants or birthday party guests arrive at the Spaience lab and put on their lab coats they already get started on the funtivities – it’s a continuous blend of fun and learning.

The Spaience Lab also offers Virtual Workshops and Birthday Parties which means that guests can participate from anywhere they are located.

All Workshops and Parties include all the supplies for the activities and the make and take-home project.

Did we mention that adults are welcome too? Our Glitz n Gloss workshop and parties are perfect for a teen’s or a ladies’ night out.

You can book a birthday party or register for a workshop online at: https://linktr.ee/TheSpaienceLab

For more information visit their website, www.thespaiencelab.com , follow Spaience Lab on Instagram and Facebook or email at: [email protected]



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