You’re invited to join Girl Scouts

You’re invited to a robot-building party. Calling all girls in kindergarten and up: join the fun at one of our robot-building parties at a school near you! It’s all to help girls discover and try the Girl Scout experience in a fun and safe environment.

Build, create, and explore as you learn about robots and the power of Girl Scouts. At Girl Scouts, we don’t focus on perfection—only on her potential. Get ready to see her shine like never before.  

Robot building parties are coming in September and October to your area. The events are free and open to all local girls in kindergarten through third grade—the more the merrier.

For The Grown-Ups. While your girl enjoys the party, parents will get to know each other and share how Girl Scouts can supercharge your girl’s life. If you have questions, you can reach out to customer care or call 317.924.6800

All parties will follow proper safety protocols and activities will adhere to appropriate social-distancing guidelines.

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