Not Sometimes – Always.

Tonight’s 10 p.m. wish: that I never forget where to look first when it’s hard to find light.

Sometimes we have days that bring us to our knees; days when overwhelming things spill over our threshold and knock us off our high-horse.

I can usually put on a strong and happy face in front of my kids, but I had one of THOSE days recently.

Sometimes, you find yourself shedding some tears while lying in your 5-year-old daughter’s stuffed animal-covered bed. She strokes your face gently, and offers you a sweet hug.

You know what?

Tears can magically melt away.

Sometimes, you explain to her, even SuperMoms have hard days and feel sad. But that’s not her fault.

You show her that you are okay; that her sweetness is helping you find your smile again.

Sometimes, pictures speak louder than words.

Here’s how my Daisy May told this story.

daisy drawingRESIZE


It’s not rocket science. Or brain surgery. Or rocket surgery. Look at all those hearts.

Love turns tears into smiles.

Not just sometimes – always.

When it gets really dark, the sun is still shining somewhere in the world.

The sun will rise for you the next day.

Not just sometime – always.

daisy sunRESIZE

See? It’s right there.

Sometimes, the sun is up in the sky.

And sometimes, it’s in the big smile of a little girl with a huge heart.

dm smile2


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