Made on Purpose!

Life Purposeā€¦..we’re all wondering “What am I called to do?” Each one of us has a purpose and reason for being. To be honest, there have been times in my life either where I had no idea what my calling was or I truly felt I had no purpose. It was in those times that I did some soul searching and listening and realized there was a purpose and always will be, it was just for me to figure out.

I once heard a comment that “What was not meant for you you cannot keep and what is meant for you you cannot lose”. I believe those words ring true each and every day. Our destiny lies in our lap and while the greater plan always plays out for us, it’s still in our court to pull our own weight so we don’t miss what is supposed to be in our lives.

In the times where I was fighting SO hard for MY plan to pan out, I ran alongside nothing but stress and frustration.

Truly unsettling!

But it was in those moments where I laid down my plan and followed my passions and felt my life’s purpose evolving and growing stronger than ever. Most recently I let go of a long-time ideal that I personally had for the past ten years. Once I did, it was extremely liberating and I could see all the pieces of what was supposed to be actually coming together very smoothly.

I don’t know what you’re fighting, pushing, urging or hoping for, but I can say that life is just not supposed to be tense and stressed out. If you’re challenged to land the plane for your purpose and calling, step back and look at what you truly love to do. What could you do and talk about all day without batting an eye? What are you an expert in? What truly gets your attention? We all have something that makes us tick!

And therein lies your calling!

What’s so beautiful to me is that each one of us has a role to play in this life. We are here for each other, to pick up where someone else’s role leaves off. So what needs to stop in your life so something else can take off and LAUNCH!?

Go after it and then spread your wings and fly!

Fill Your Bucket

Mindy Irish

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