Little Eagle Creek Valley Farm

On eight acres of beautiful Zionsville countryside, just north of Indianapolis, lives Angie Hopkins and her 40 Shetland sheep on Little Eagle Creek Valley Farm.

A neighbor of mine invited me and my boys to join her and her girls for Little Eagle Creek’sShearing Day, which she found out about on Little Eagle Creek’s Facebook page.

On a cloudy day, we plugged in the address and were on our way. After driving past the farm, a couple of times (there is not a sign), we finally found it.

Here is some good advice: Look for the giant Burr Oak tree in front of the barn. Hanging from the oak are two wooden swings, which proved to be incredibly entertaining for the kids.

Angie met us in the driveway and was a wonderful hostess. She told us the history of the farm that she and her husband established in 1997 with the purchase of four Shetland ewes. Her husband grew up on a dairy farm just down the road, and he wanted to raise animals with Angie.

Their adult children have traveled all over the country showing their sheep in shows. They were there for the Shearing Day.

Angie brought three sheep out on leashes to meet the children; she explained that the sheep were very calm on the leashes, because during the pandemic, she created an open invitation on her Facebook page for families to come to the farm and walk the sheep. It was a hit! She said people were out walking sheep almost every evening. She put out chairs, and she started selling drinks. People wanted to stay to hang out with the sheep and watch the sun set. Walking the sheep is free. Angie plans to offer it again this summer.

Families are welcome to visit the farm to see the sheep. Visit the Facebook page for more information.

2701 S. 1200 E., Zionsville

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