Fishers AgriPark: Part Urban Farm, Part Park

Fishers AgriPark just might be my favorite hidden gem. I loved it because we went home with free produce, and my son loved it because of the farm animals and mud kitchen.

Fishers Agripark
Fishers AgriPark. Photo credit:

Fishers AgriPark in Hamilton County

Part community urban farm, part park, Fishers Agripark is located in a beautiful, fairly remote section of Fishers, and the drive to get there is part of the experience. Having lived in Hamilton County for 42 years, I remember when Fishers was mostly farmland. In the last 20 years, the population of Fishers has grown tremendously, and the farmland has thus decreased. AgriPark is Fishers’ way of paying tribute to how Fishers once was.

Fishers AgriPark
Fishers AgriPark
Fishers AgriPark

Animal Encounters and Produce Picking

The entrance of the Fishers AgriPark is a gravel walkway that divides a colorful field of wildflowers and the public field of produce. At the end of the walkway, we were greeted by a volunteer who handed us a cardboard box and gave us instructions about what produce was available to pick. 

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On our way to the produce field, we were interrupted by a surprising, yet very welcome, animal encounter. A very friendly horse, sheep, and cow were gathered to interact with visitors. After making their acquaintance, we visited with a pig and some chickens, then went on our way to gather produce.

We gathered kale, mustard greens, and sugar snap peas. I recommend bringing some garden shears and wearing appropriate footwear—then you won’t leave with dusty toes like we did. 

Natural Playground and Mud Kitchen

Before leaving, my son wanted to check out the play area, which also required play clothes. The most popular section was the mud kitchen. I think my son could have stayed there for hours playing contentedly. There are several places for grown-ups to sit and read, both in the shade and the sun. I spent the time researching what I might do in my own kitchen with our newly acquired produce. 

Fishers AgriPark
Fishers AgriPark
Fishers AgriPark
Fishers AgriPark

In addition to the free produce, the play area, and the farm animals, Fishers ArgiPark has an accessible, level, and shaded nature trail. We didn’t visit it this time because we weren’t fully prepared in the footwear department.

On our way out of the park, we stopped by the volunteer tent, where our produce was bagged, and we were handed free squash. On our walk back to the car, I used the wildflower backdrop for a few pictures of my son, and we talked about our next visit, when the green tomatoes we saw might turn red. 

More Info on Fishers AgriPark

Fishers AgriPark is located at 11171 Florida Road in Fortville. Hours of operation vary depending on the season, so check the Fishers AgriPark website for more information.

Fishers AgriPark reopens on Wednesday, May 1, for the 2024 season.


  • Sunday-Monday: Closed
  • Tuesday-Wednesday: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  • Thursday-Saturday: 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.


Upcoming Events at Fishers AgriPark

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