Where To Go Blueberry Picking in Indiana

Are you ready to embrace the sweet joys of summer and embark on a fun-filled family outing? It’s time to grab your baskets and head out for a day of blueberry picking in Indiana! The Hoosier State is brimming with charming u-pick blueberry farms, providing the perfect opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and savor the delicious taste of freshly picked berries.

From pristine fields to delicious treats, these local farms have it all. So grab your baskets and get ready for a day of fun in the sun!

**Keep in mind that the quality of berries available for picking can vary daily at each farm, so we highly recommend calling ahead or checking the farm’s Facebook page for the most current information.


Where to go blueberry picking in Indiana

U-Pick Blueberry Farms in Central Indiana

Indy’s Child always recommends calling ahead or checking the farm’s Facebook page for the most current u-pick blueberry information.

Driving Wind Berry Farm

  • Address: 6410 Michigan Rd, Indianapolis
  • Phone: (317) 257-3000
Driving Wind Berry Farm
Driving Wind Berry Farm

Spencer Farm

  • Address: 7177 E 161st St, Noblesville
  • Phone: (317) 776-1560

Zink Berry Farm

  • Address: 5878 S. Skinner Rd., Morgantown
  • Phone: (765)-346-9813

Hidden Acres Fruit Farm

  • Address: 10645 W CR 425 S, Wilkinson
  • Phone: (765) 617-1768

Hidden Acres Fruit Farm

Smith Farms

  • Address: 1465 N County Road 800 W Frankfort
  • Phone: (765) 296-9554

Annie’s Orchard

  • Address: 9624 W 75 S, West Lafayette
  • Phone: (765) 430-0405

Martin Acres

  • Address: 9624 W 75 S, West Lafayette
  • Phone: (765) 430-0405


U-Pick Blueberry Farms indiana

U-Pick Farms in Northern Indiana

Merrillville Farms

  • Address: 6716 Colorado St., Hobart
  • Phone: 219-947-0223

The Blueberry Ranch

  • Address: 54743 Buckeye Rd, Mishawaka
  • Phone: (574) 255-5773

    The Blueberry Ranch
    The Blueberry Ranch

Beech Road Blueberry Farm

  • Address: 67041 Beech Rd, Wakarusa
  • Phone: (574) 633-4583

Cedar Creek Produce 

  • Address: 11709 Clay St, Leo-Cedarville
  • Phone: (260) 627-5239

When is blueberry season in Indiana?

Blueberry season typically starts in late June or early July and lasts until August. To ensure you’re visiting during peak picking times, it’s a good idea to contact your chosen farm beforehand to inquire about berry availability and verify their operating hours.


how to pick blueberries

Tips for Picking Blueberries with Kids: 

Choose the right time and location: To ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience with kids, select a family-friendly farm that offers u-pick blueberries. Opt for a time when the farm is less crowded, like early mornings or weekdays, to avoid long waiting times and enjoy a more relaxed atmosphere. Make sure to check the farm’s website or call ahead to confirm their operating hours and berry availability.

Dress appropriately: U-pick blueberries can be a messy outdoor activity, so dress your kids in comfortable, weather-appropriate clothing that can get dirty. Closed-toe shoes are recommended to protect their feet, and don’t forget to bring hats and sunscreen to shield them from the sun.

Teach them how to pick: Before you start picking, show your kids the proper way to pick blueberries. Demonstrate how to gently twist or roll the ripe berries off the bush without squishing them, and explain the importance of leaving unripe or green berries on the bush to ripen for future pickers.

Make it a game: Turn it into fun to keep kids engaged and entertained. Set up friendly competitions, like who can fill their basket the fastest or who can find the biggest blueberry. You can also create a berry-themed scavenger hunt by encouraging them to look for berries in different shapes, sizes, or shades of blue.

Pack snacks, water, and entertainment: Picking blueberries can be lengthy, so it’s essential to keep your kids fueled and entertained. Bring along plenty of water, healthy snacks, and a picnic lunch to enjoy in the designated farm areas. Also, pack some age-appropriate activities, like coloring books, puzzles, or small toys, to keep them occupied during breaks or while waiting for others to finish picking.



blueberry picking in indiana

Tips and Tricks

To make the most of your picking experience, keep these insider tips in mind:

Selecting the best blueberries: Look for plump, firm blueberries with a deep blue color and a slight powdery bloom. Avoid picking green or soft berries, as they won’t ripen further once picked.

Storing blueberries: Store them unwashed in a covered container in the refrigerator to keep them fresh for as long as possible. Only wash them right before you’re ready to eat or use them.

Freezing blueberries: If you want to enjoy your blueberries long after the season ends, consider freezing them. Simply spread the unwashed berries in a single layer on a baking sheet, freeze until solid, and then transfer to airtight containers or freezer bags.



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