Guiding You through pregnancy, and beyond.

So many things to think about…getting the baby’s nursery ready, baby showers, prenatal appointments, picking baby names…

At Franciscan St. Francis Health in Indianapolis and Mooresville, we want you to feel confident throughout your pregnancy and as ready for the big day as possible.

Our Guiding You Maternity Program will help you do just that. A key part of the program is our nurse navigator.

Your guide, Erin Neu, RN

Erin has unique qualifications. In addition to being an RN who has worked for more than 15 years in Franciscan St. Francis Health’s Labor & Delivery and Postpartum units, Erin, her husband and their 10 children were all born here. So she’s well versed when it comes to pregnancy, childbirth and delivering at Franciscan St. Francis — you could say it’s her passion.

You’ll meet face-to-face to discuss health risks, childbirth options, and breastfeeding; review available resources and classes; take a tour and get preregistered…all in your first visit. Your Nurse Navigator will continue to provide helpful information, answer questions, work with you to complete you personalized birthing wish list and more. And it’s all free! Schedule your childbirth planning session today at (317) 528-5224 or [email protected].

Learn about everything our Guiding You Maternity Program offers at [email protected].

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