Mina Starsiak Hawk’s Story

My story is not unique. It will probably sound familiar so most women. Feeling like “Me” again after having kids was just always a struggle. I felt like my body did this AMAZING thing, twice, and then said “I’m done now.”

I have always hovered between 130-140 lbs, never really counting calories, or living on a scale. After my son Jack was born, I evened out around 150 pounds. Then two years later after Charlie, and IVF, I naturally went to around 160 pounds. And again, it was never the number that bothered me. I felt like I was in a body that wasn’t mine; like I was wearing a suit that belonged to some other human.

I did what most people do; I tried to eat healthier, I worked out more. I started Orange Theory religiously 5 times a week for about a year. I created an amazing sense of accountability with my regular people there and, I’m sure, dramatically improved my cardiovascular health! But my body FELT the same. It LOOKED the same. I was used to being STRONG and hadn’t felt that way in almost 5 years.

Then….covid. And everything changed. I couldn’t stick with my regular workout routine which, turns out, was the best thing that ever happened to me.

My husband has always been into fitness, health and strength training. For YEARS he had
preached to me, “Stop killing yourself on a treadmill and lift heavy sh*t! Then do it again and again and you WILL feel how you’re wanting to feel!” And because I’m stubborn, I didn’t listen, until I had to.

It was at that point I started strength training with him. Within 3 months I started feeling
like myself. It was around this time that I decided to go forward with my “mommy makeover” and had a tummy tuck, (small) implants and some liposuction.

And it was at this point that everyone decided I had “cheated,” but the pictures can’t lie. Pre-surgery I still felt like I was wearing someone else’s body. Post-surgery me felt that way still a bit even though there was a dramatic difference that for me gave me a kick in the rear to get my health in the right place to improve upon what I had invested in and get my body to a place where I felt STRONG again and like I could play with my kids again for the next decade without getting winded!

THIS is when the real changes started to be visible. My “post surgery” pictures next to my
pictures after 6 months of lifting were incredible! Not only could I FEEL the results, I was starting to SEE them. My clothes all fit, which is huge. Getting dressed each morning was on autopilot, where before it had been a battle that often ended in frustration and tears. And that was enough for me. I was sold. Steve was right.

Lift heavy, don’t eat like an a-hole and you will be able to be who you want. Whatever the goal, you CAN get there. You just have to let go of the excuses, decide to commit to yourself and then make that decision 80% of the days.

I was a guinea pig with his new company, HawkFit. And over the last 1.5 years his programs have become life changing for so many people. Steve is so incredibly passionate about helping people meet their goals and change their lives. He is a Licensed Nutritionist and a Certified Master Trainer. So, lets get HawkFit!


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