5 Questions Pregnant Women Ask Doctors Most

Delivering answers for first-time moms

First-time parents have a lot of questions. We asked one of the Hancock Health network’s top obstetrics and gynecology specialists to share the questions she hears most often from expecting mothers—and how she answers them.

1. “Is this medication safe to take in pregnancy?”

“Any medication can have adverse effects,” says Dr. Molly Strong, MD-MPH, “and most medications are not specifically tested on pregnant women.” Dr. Strong’s advice: ask your OB/GYN provider about the safety of any medication or supplement you’re currently taking.

2. “What’s this patch of dark/red skin?”

“Pregnancy,” says Dr. Strong, “can cause a lot of changes in a woman’s skin.” But if you’re noticing the skin over your cheeks darkening, or seeing tiny red spots on your shoulders, don’t worry. Most such changes are a normal response to hormonal changes.

3. “When will I get an ultrasound?”

According to Dr. Strong, “all pregnant women should have an anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks.” She also notes that, depending on the pregnancy, ultrasounds may sometimes be needed earlier, and/or during the third trimester. Let your OB/GYN be your guide.

4. “Who can come in the delivery room?”

“Anyone you want to invite,” responds Dr. Strong—although she does recommend that the people you choose to ask should be ready and able to support you during what she describes as “the personal, emotional, and often tiring process of childbirth.”

5. “What should I be doing for my baby?”

It’s a general question, but our expert has an answer for it. According to Dr. Strong, “You should be supporting your body by eating a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables, continuing light exercise throughout the week, and focusing on good quality sleep.”

Above all, savor the moment. “Even with the discomfort, and fatigue, and overwhelming changes,” says Dr. Strong, “remember that you are amazing, and you can do this!”

Watch authentic, unscripted conversations about women’s health care at: HancockHealth.org/WomensHealth.

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