Grumpy Old Men: The Musical Serves Up Big Laughs at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre

I found myself giggling out loud in the car today while driving one of our teens to school. My mind had wandered to a few show-stopping, tears-rolling-down-my-face comedic moments I watched on stage last night. Goodness…let me back up.

My husband and I love heading to Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre for date nights, and I jumped at the chance to see “Grumpy Old Men: The Musical” because of how much I loved the 1993 film (starring Jack Lemmon, Walter Matthau and Ann-Margaret). In my opinion, the ridiculously talented cast of this stage production (filled with many of the theatre’s most beloved veterans) turned a “good” show into a “great” evening out!'Grumpy Old Men: The Musical' at Beef & Boards

  • Eddie Curry and Jeff Stockberger were the perfect choices to portray the perpetually ticked off title characters. It’s clear these two actors know a thing or two about comedic timing (incredible!) and genuinely enjoy playing off each other. Eddie masterfully pivots between over-the-top crotchety moodiness to tender and touching emotion. Jeff’s gifts for physical comedy find a perfect outlet in this show – watching him attempting to “casually” chat up his love interest while trying (again and again) to arrange his lanky frame gracefully on an unwieldy bean bag chair left me in tears. Somehow, he also pulled off a double “spit take” that prompted someone in the audience to blurt out, “Oh no, he’s not going to drink that AGAIN…!” 
  • Sarah Hund shines as usual as the eccentric and captivating new neighbor, Logan Hill and Jacob Butler bring sweet sincerity to the romantic pull between the “Grumpies’” young adult children, and I loved the specific, hilarious character choices Ty Stover, Karen Pappas, Allen Sledge, and Jaddy Ciucci each made in their supporting roles (including the thick Minnesota accent Ciucci charmingly uses as an accident-prone mail carrier – precious!) 
  • Keeping in mind that this show is rated PG-13,I was prepared for some off-color humor – and “Grandpa Gustafson” played by Doug Stark did not disappoint! He had the best one-liners in the show (which can’t be repeated here), and I can’t be sure, but it looked to me as though a few of his fellow cast members had a tough time keeping a straight face during some of his outbursts. Priceless.
  • Comedic genius Devan Mathias was also an absolute scene-stealer as an overzealous, sadistic tax collector. I was reminded a bit of Steve Martin as the evil dentist in “Little Shop of Horrors.” As this sexy/evil character, Devan has a “talent for causing things pain!” and I am here for it! 'Grumpy Old Men: The Musical' at Beef & Boards

Bottom line: With this GREAT cast

Bottom line: With this GREAT cast, hilarious scenes, and the professional touches Beef & Boards always offers in its dinner theatre experience, you won’t leave “grumpy” from this adults’ night out.

“Grumpy Old Men: The Musical” runs through October 1 at Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre. For information visit

Trisha Lawless
Trisha Lawless
Trisha Lawless is an Indianapolis-based corporate communications advisor and freelance writer who began her career as a television news journalist. She enjoys performing in local theatre productions as her schedule permits, and has appeared in roles with Beef & Boards Dinner Theatre, Indianapolis Civic Theatre, and BobDirex. Trisha and her husband Ben are proud residents of Indy’s Historic Irvington neighborhood where they live with their children (middle school through college age) and Golden Retriever.

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