Goat Yoga at Happy Goat, Lucky Yoga in Noblesville

I was recently invited to join a goat yoga class. I had seen images of these kinds of classes on social media, and had always though it looked like fun. So, when the invitation came, I was a quick sale. 

We made our reservations at Happy Goat, Lucky Yoga (website) in Noblesville the evening before a Saturday morning class. 

goat yoga at Happy Goat Lucky Yoga

The morning of the class, we gathered our water bottles and yoga mats, and hopped in the car. The ride took us through farm fields as the sun was rising. It was a peaceful entry into what was sure to be a very fun yoga class.

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When we arrived, we were given two cups of goat snacks. Then, we made our way into a classroom-sized gated area with a sweet, baby goat. 

As more yoga students trickled in, more goats were also put into the classroom area. The goats were not shy, and that was to everyone’s delight.

As our teacher started the class, she warned us that the goats would probably jump onto our backs when we moved into the cat/cow position. (They really did!) She also warned that they liked to nibble hair. This honestly did not sit well with me, although many people were cool with it. It turns out: The goats did go for hair. So, be sure to wear a hat or keep your hair in a bun if you don’t want goats nibbling on your hair.

The instructor told us that she realized the class was more about the goats than it was about the yoga. Because of that, it was a very low-pressure, super-entertaining class. I know we all left with a good ab workout, because of all of the laughter. 

goat yoga at Happy Goat Lucky Yoga

Overall, this was an incredibly entertaining start to the day. Even thought I didn’t take my boys this time, I definitely plan to next time. 

The classes last for 45 minutes, but you will have at least 15 minutes of play and picture time with the goats at the end of class. Classes costs $20, and you can schedule a class on the Happy Goat Lucky Yoga websiteHappy Goat Lucky Acres is located at 24085 IN-37 in Noblesville.

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