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Flat Fork Creek Park: 5 Things You’ll Love about this Park

When you need to take a break from the hustle and bustle of life, there’s no better place than Flat Fork Creek Park. Tucked away on the east side of Fishers – you can enjoy it all year long. From its diverse amenities and activities for every age and ability to its natural beauty and peaceful environment, you’ll find that Flat Fork Creek is the perfect place to relax and refresh yourself.

5 Things You’ll Love about Flat Fork Creek Park

1. The Treehouses at Flat Fork Creek Park

Flat Fork Creek Park is home to THREE treehouses. One is ADA-accessible, and two others require a little traversing off-trail. But they are the true-to-your-youth, climb-a-ladder treehouse in the middle of the woods. 

Flat Fork Creek Treehouse

Flat Fork Creek Treehouse

2. It’s home to the best sledding hill in Fishers

The 60-foot sledding hill is one of the park’s most well-known feature. The hill is the highest point in Hamilton County and has become an epic sledding spot. Every winter, children, and families make their way up the giant hill with sleds and saucers in hand ready for a day of winter fun. 

Sledding Hill Flat Fork Creek
Flat Fork Creek; Photo Credit: Facebook.com/fishersparksandrecreation

During the warmer months, the sledding hill can be repurposed as a climbing destination. For younger children, the hill transforms into a towering mountain just waiting to be conquered. After a few exhilarating climbs up and down the hill, your little ones are sure to be wiped out!

Climbing hill at Flat Fork Creek
Backside of sledding hill
Front side of the sledding hill at flat fork creek park in Fishers


3. The Fishing Pond

 If you like to fish, the fishing pond is a great place to drop a line. Although, a state fishing license is required for anyone over the age of 17 (ages 17 and under do not need a license).

4. Flat Fork Creek Park has so many ADA-accessible features

The park offers many inclusive amenities to ensure that all visitors can enjoy the wildlife and scenic views, including an ADA-accessible treehouse. The paved multi-use trail and boardwalk that loop around the park are also accessible, and paved ramps lead the way to the top of the sledding hill allowing visitors and residents of all abilities to enjoy one of the best views in Fishers.

Fishers Park ADA-accessible

5. Many hiking and biking paths to explore

There’s something energizing about a stroll through the woods. If you are looking for a good nature hike, this is an ideal spot for you. There are spots that can be more challenging (hilly) than others, but there’s enough space that you don’t feel like you are walking in circles or crowded by the other visitors. 

Bikers will enjoy the 1.25-mile progressive mountain bike course that winds throughout the woods and includes various ramps and technical features for both beginners and advanced bikers. 

Bike Path at Flat Fork Creek Park

Where is Flat Fork Creek Park Located?

Flat Fork Creek Park is located at 16141 E. 101st Street in Fishers. The park, located at 101st Street and Cyntheanne Road, is just over 60 acres and boasts unique and diverse amenities and activities for every age, ability, and interest. You can find more information about Flat Fork Creek Park at playfishers.com.

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