Earn Tuition Rewards Points through Rutland Insurance


Think of Tuition Rewards Points as Higher Education Frequent Flyer Miles. As a client of a participating financial advisor, you will automatically receive 500 Rewards Points ($500 value) for completing your enrollment at www.tuitionrewards.com. And, each student whom you enroll will also receive 500
Rewards Points ($500 value). Each point is worth $1.00 in scholarship discounts from member colleges. Rutland Insurance Agency is a participating advisor.


Each enrolled student is awarded additional points on his or her birthday – 1,000 per points year from birth to age 13, then 2,000/year from ages 14-to-17.*
*until Aug. 31st of the year that 12th grade begins


Account holders can “sponsor” multiple students in the immediate or extended family – children, grandchildren, stepchildren, nieces, nephews, etc. Students can receive points from only one “sponsor” (parents, grandparents, uncles).


1. Enrollment – Students must be enrolled by
Aug. 31st of the year 11th grade begins.
2. Allocation – You must transfer any Sponsor Reward Points that you have (for example, enrollment bonus points) to a student before Aug. 31st of the year 12th grade begins.
3. Submission – Reward points must be submitted at time of application. If your student does not attend a participating college, you may transfer your sponsor points to another eligible student in the family. Student points are not transferrable.

The maximum points that one student may use at a member college is either one year of tuition (spread evenly over a projected four years of attendance) or as agreed with the college.

About Sage Scholarship Program

SAGE (Savings And Growth for Education) was developed by educational visionaries, including the former director of admissions and financial aid at the Wharton Graduate School of the University of Pennsylvania.

SAGE Tuition Rewards Points represent guaranteed minimum scholarships — discounts on undergraduate tuition starting with the freshman year — provided by member private colleges & universities.

Public (state) colleges & universities give very limited financial aid that is not based on “need” and are thus not eligible to participate in Tuition Rewards®.

SAGE has identified private colleges that are generous with financial aid – and willing to guarantee scholarships to applicants affiliated with SAGE. In return, member colleges receive recruiting access to our national database of high school students. The program is a “win” for member colleges – and for you.

Rutland Insurance AgencyFor more information about the program and qualifications, contact Ron Rutland Jr at 317-489-5764 ext 2 or [email protected]

Rutland Insurance Agency is an independent insurance agency that represents the American National Family of Companies. This program is offered through the Rutland Insurance Agency but is not in any way affiliated with American National or its family of Companies.

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