A Parent’s Review of Dig Dig for Kids – Indiana’s Largest Indoor Sandbox

Unearthing Fun at Dig Dig for Kids - A Parent's Review

Brrr, it’s getting cold outside! If you’re looking for a place where your kids can play indoors during the chilly winter months, Dig Dig for Kids in Fishers is a very fun and unique activity. My two construction-obsessed boys (ages five and two) had a blast playing here and meeting new friends in “Indiana’s Largest Indoor Sandbox for Kids.” 

Upon arrival, friendly staff members greeted us and checked us in for a one-hour play session. Meanwhile, I completed the necessary waiver forms. The boys and I were immediately wowed by the walls filled with massive photos of construction equipment around the giant sandbox with loads of high-quality construction toys to explore. Before I even finished checking in, my kids were eagerly throwing their socks and shoes into the cute organization bins so they could hop right into playtime. 

Dig Dig for kids, indiana's largest indoor sandbox

Excavators, dump trucks, bulldozers … you name it, they’ve got it.

This means there’s no need to bring any toys from home (hooray for less stuff to lug around). I loved seeing kids’ faces light up as they discovered each of the different machines in this special little construction world. It is obvious that the sand toys were carefully curated; there is a nice variety allowing for independent play, teamwork or socializing depending on what each child is currently into. 

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Dig Dig for Kids is geared towards children ages ten and under. The ambiance creates a perfect setting for anyone who loves playing in the sand and shares a fascination for construction equipment, just like my boys do. No detail was left behind … even the bathrooms are filled with fun construction-themed colors and decor.

Dig Dig for Kids

Birthday Parties

A highlight for me was discovering a new place to celebrate future birthdays. There is a separate room dedicated to private parties. This room features a smaller sandbox, stocked with its own set of construction toys, and picnic tables for parents to sit and chat while their children play. Outside food is permitted and the room includes a refrigerator, so you could even plan to bring your favorite food, drinks and birthday treats if you wish. And, as a bonus, the special birthday boy or girl gets a t-shirt as well as their choice of a very cool toy from the Dig Dig for Kids store. 

A Calm & Enjoyable Outing Experience for Parents

As a stay-at-home mom who has experienced many different types of outings with my little ones, this one felt nice and calm. I enjoyed getting into the sandbox to play alongside my boys, experiencing the extremely soft and clean sand. There were also moments where I could sit back and relax while watching them enjoy their sand adventures together or with other visitors. There are multiple seating areas for caretakers, free wifi and charging stations which makes it easy for adults to stay connected if needed. 

Dig Dig for Kids is open Monday through Friday mornings (8am-1pm) and afternoons (4pm-8pm) as well as 8am-8pm on Saturdays. Sundays are reserved for private parties. Dig Dig for Kids welcomes walk-ins, a process I found to be incredibly smooth. Alternatively, you can make reservations on the Dig Dig for Kids website. For your convenience, this site also gives you the option to fill out waivers in advance.

You’ll see on the website that sessions are sold in increments of one hour, 90 minutes or two hours. One hour was the perfect length for our visit; however, I overheard others extending their play time while we were there. Also, customers have the option to purchase “Play Pass” punch cards, which are currently available at a discount if purchased before 2024.

Dig Dig for Kids was a win in our book. My family will certainly be revisiting this wonderful new venue for more excavation adventures throughout the winter and beyond. We hope to see you there! 

dig dig for kids Indiana's Largest Indoor Sandbox for KidsFrequently Asked Questions:

Find more Q&A on their website. 

What are the age guidelines at Dig Dig for Kids?

Dig Dig for Kids is perfect for children under 10 years old. They’ve built a sandbox that is more than a play area – it’s also a place for creativity and discovery. Kids over 10 are welcome, as long as they’re gentle with the equipment and considerate towards the younger ones.dig dig for kids Indiana's Largest Indoor Sandbox for Kids

Can adults play in the sandbox as well?

Yes! The entry fee for each child also allows two adults to enter without extra charges. There’s a $3 charge for each additional adult.

Do they provide a place for adults to relax if they don’t want to play in the sand?

Yes! There’s a comfy seating area for adults. It has free Wi-Fi and charging stations, so adults can relax while the kids play.

dig dig for kids Indiana's Largest Indoor Sandbox for Kids

Can you bring your own sand toys?

At Dig Dig for Kids, there’s no need for personal toys. They ask visitors to leave their toys at home and use the wide variety of toys provided instead. This way, everyone can enjoy a fair and equal playtime.

Location and Hours

You can find “Dig Dig for Kids” at 12800 Ford Drive, Fishers, IN 46038. They are open Monday – Friday in two slots, 8 am-1 pm and 4 pm-8 pm. And on Saturdays, they are open all day from 8 am-8 pm.

Find more information about Indiana’s largest sandbox at digdigforkids.com.

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